Iowa State University
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Cross-Disciplinary Program in Linguistics

Useful Linguistics Websites

Linguistics Society of America -website includes a list of resources, frequently asked questions,links to other linguistics organizations,and an index of the fields of linguistics.

The LINGUIST List a web site containing linguistics resources, information on language analysis, job sites, mailing lists, and much more.

American Association for Applied Linguistics -website has information on conferences and workshops, graduate programs in linguistics, and job registration.

Linguistic Association of Canada and the United States- includes information on publications, and links to software pages and pages of current linguistic interest.

Association for Computational Linguistics - links to special interest groups in the field of computational linguistics, online resources, and conference information.

Center for Applied Linguistics -website contains information on research projects, a directory and online resource guide, ask the language experts,and links to other centers and clearing houses.

Summer Institute of Linguistics -check out Ethnologue, a list of the word's languages, language maps, and much more.

TESOL -(Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) has a host of information on professional issues and development,news, conferences and grants. The site also has a jobfinder and a section on calls for proposals.

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