Arka P. Ghosh

  • Grants:
  1. NSF Proposal DMS-0608634 [2006]: Collaborative Research: Heavy Traffic Limit Models and Control Analysis for Wireless Queueing Systems - Incorporating Long Range Dependence and Heavy Tails.  (other PIs: R.T. Buche (NC state), V. Pipiras (UNC-CH)).
  2. IMA Participating Institutions (PI) Conference Proposal [2009] for organizing Ames Symposium in Probability and Statistics, (in honor of Krishna B. Athreya) September 18-19, Ames, Iowa , 2009, $3000 (other PIs: A. Roitershtein, S. Sethuraman, A. Weerasinghe (Mathematics, Iowa State)).
  3. Online Course Development Grant [2011] from the college of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Iowa State: for conversion of Stat 305 as an online course, $9000.

  • Awards:
  1. LAS Award for Early Achievement in Research  [2011], Iowa State University.
  2. Nominated for LAS Award for Early Achievement in Teaching  [2009], Iowa State University.
  3. Bose-Nandi Award [2005]. For the best paper in Applied Statistics in Calcutta Statistical Association Bulletin for the publication. (Calcutta Statistical Association).
  4. Laha Award [2005]. To attend the Joint Statistical Meetings/IMS
    Annual Meeting. (Institute of Mathematical Statistics)
  5. Excellence in Teaching Award  [2004]. For undergraduate teaching
    (Department of Statistics and Operations Research, UNC-CH).
  6. SAMSI Graduate Student Fellowship [2003-2004]. Research fellow in the program of ``Network Modeling for the Internet" in SAMSI.
  7. Wassily Hoeffding Fellowship [2001]. For best performance in the
    first year of PhD program (Statistics Dept, UNC-CH).
  8. Prasanta Chandra Mahalanobis Award [2000]. For most outstanding student in M-Stat program (ISI-CAL).