Iowa State

Courses Taught

ISUComm English 250 (Fall 2008)

This English course for second-year students at Iowa State focuses on written, oral, visual and electronic (WOVE) communication.

Oral Communication Skills for International Teaching Assistants (180A) (Fall 2007)

This course focuses on pronunciation and oral fluency for international teaching assistants. While this course meets face to face, students interact with the course Moodle to view and upload audio assignments and to receive audio feedback from both their peers and myself.

ESL Reading (099R) and Listening (099L) (Fall 2006 and Spring 2007)

Intermediate level courses focusing on developing listening and reading skills for graduate and undergraduate students. 099L is a 2-credit course taught in a blended learning environment with extensive student interaction taking place with materials in a course Moodle and course-specific podcasts. Over the semester, the integration of these podcasts will be investigated as part of an ongoing resarch project. In 099R, I have designed an online unit specifically for work with vocabulary acquisition.

First-Year Composition II (Spring 2005)

Writing course for second-sememster freshmen students focusing on rhetorical analysis, argument, and visual communication. This was a computer enhanced course that met once a week in a computer lab.

Academic English for ESL Undergraduates (Fall 2004)

Intermediate writing course for ESL undergraduate students focusing on academic writing. Students made extensive use of the internet Writing Resource for the Innovative Teaching of English (iWRITE).

First Year Composition I, Cross-Cultural (Spring 2004, Fall 2005)

Cross-cultural freshmen composition brings together a 50-50 balance of both American and international students. This was a computer enhanced course that met once a week in a computer lab.

First Year Composition I (Fall 2003)

This first-semester writing course for freshmen was taught exclusively in a computer lab; students made use of the Internet for research projects and were taught to analyze and produce visuals to enhance communication with and through technology.