Samples of My Projects

This first example is a critical analysis of a pop culture artifact. That artifact is the popular song "I Kissed a Girl, and I Liked It".
Cultural Analysis

My next project was an autobiography. The goal of this project was to think critically about how popular culture has influenced my values and perspective of the world.
Cultural Autobiography

The following project is actually an assignment I revised for this site. The original simply needed work, and now I feel it has a place on my site.
Cultural Differences

This project is a powerpoint presentation covering the infamous organization, the IRA.
Powerpoint Presentation

This final project is actually a reflection, a reflection of what I learned in English 250. I enjoyed writing this paper and hope you enjoy reading it.
A Final Reflection

This image is also a project I worked on right before graduating high school. It is a drawing done in acylic pastel chalks and colored pencil.