Humble Beginnings

On the night of December 19th in 1989, I was born, and it was good.

From there my mother and I moved around a lot. It was just the two of us because my father left for the Gulf War, and they split up. We finally settled in when she met the man I have called "dad" my entire life, in the small town of Oskaloosa, IA.

This relationship was destined to end as well, and my mother and I moved again. This time eventually settling down in the small town of New Virgina 6 years later. She had met a new guy named Royce. Me and him got along well enough to live together. It is in this small town that I graduated high school and decided to enroll at Iowa State University in Ames, IA. It is also the town that I met a girl, her name is Amanda. I only mention her because her and I have been dating for just over two years now (when this article was written), and since I am not yet even 20 years old, this is a significant portion of my "adult" life.

Over the years my views have changed, my taste has changed, and even my voice has changed. Although a lot has happened, I'm happy with all the decisions I have made, since if I hadn't made them, things would be different.

So in conclusion, here I am attending Iowa State, I've been in, what I feel to be, a healthy relationship for a couple years, and I'm generally happy with the way things have turned out.