Family and Friends


My Mom, on the left                                                                                                                                                      My pets, Moose and Jade                                                                                                My Dad

tammy's camera 112.JPG                                                                                                                                     031809_0017[01].jpg                                                                                    032408_2139[00].jpg


Joe, My brother (the only boy if you need me to specify)                                                                                                             Sarah, My best friend

tammy's camera 160.JPG                                                                                      sarah's 058.JPG

                                                Jenny, A good friend                                                                                      Sam, A good friend, on the left                                                 Me and Sarah!

                                022809_1524[00].jpg                                                     sarah's 017.JPG                                          sarah's 055.JPG      

My not related “brothers”, Tyler and Michael                                                                                     Hannah, a friend from school                                                     Natalie, a good friend

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