Description: C:\Users\Lexi Shultice\Pictures\1COLLEGE SOPH SEM\30405_434354451718_994477_n.jpgSoftball: In high school I was on the varsity all four years of my high school. I loved to play softball with my friends. It would take up most our lives in the summer but we still loved it. We wouldnít have one day off because we would either have practice or games. It got tiring but it was always fun.

Track: In high school I was also on the varsity track team all four years of high school. I mainly ran the shuttle hurdle, 400 hurdles, 4x400. Sometimes I would run 100 hurdles and even 200s. Every year I had the chance to run in the Drake Relays and all the State Track meets. I loved running because I didnít have to worry about anything. All I thought about was crossing the finish line.

Music: I love listening to music. My favorite band to listen to is The Dangerous Summer. I have seen them play live about six or seven times. They get better each and every time I see them play. Without music I think life would be boring. It always puts me in a good mood when I discover new songs by new singers.