Family and Friends

I love being around my family. I am a triplet. I have two sisters that are my age that go to Iowa State University, Tessa and Kaitlin. I also have a fifteen year old brother who is a sophomore at Ankeny High School. My mom, Traci is a kindergarten teacher in Ankeny and my Dad, Don is a fire fighter in downtown Des Moines. We are all really close and like to have fun. We also have a dog named Sadie that we are all obsessed with. I love my family and wouldn’t ask for anything more.Description: C:\Users\Lexi Shultice\Pictures\40583_416133176133_681241133_4827729_7465934_n.jpg

I also love being around my friends.  Although we aren’t always together we know how to make each other laugh and we always have the best of times when we are all together.