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Architects: SAOTA – Stefan Antoni Olmesdahl Truen Architects
Location: Bantry Bay, Cape Town, South Africa
Architects In Charge: Stefan Antoni & Philip Olmesdahl
Interior Design: Antoni Associates – Mark Rielly
Year: 2008
Photographs: Courtesy of SAOTA

This home was designed for a family with 2 young sons who wanted a house which simultaneously created spaces for casual intimate family occasions or large get-togethers.
The site allows for unprecedented views towards the 12 Apostle Mountains, Clifton Beaches and Robben Island. The building is cut into the slope with approximately 50% of its rear face below the natural ground level. The upper level floats over the essentially glazed South West facing first floor and this exaggerates the height of the building relative to the adjacent ground level.
The house is organised in a linear manner with all rooms facing the sea view. The rear of the house offers privacy with no openings other than the glazed double volume entrance space. This space is screened with a steel framed timber screen and access off the street is through heavy timber gates.
The double volume entrance space leads onto the main living wing of the house including 2 lounges, dining room and kitchen. A sculptural stair leads up a triple volume space from the entrance up to the second floor and bedroom levels. The ground floor is accessed through the same stairwell and accommodates a generous pool entertainment room with a feature sunken lounge, back-lit onyx bar and wine cellar. A gym and second guest room are also accommodated on this lowest level.
Antioni Associates were appointed as the interior decorators. On the entrance living level the interiors are kept to a neutral palette with a subtle play on texture in materials and fabric selected. Soft cream leathers and weathered timber finishes layer the interior with luxurious elements. The overall feel is warm and inviting.


Summary - Modeling Experience

Having approached this semester with some experience modeling with Revit, I was completely blown away by the volume of new material and capabilities of the program. Additionally, the work with Adobe Dreamweaver has started me on the path towards a fully functioning personal professional portfolio website. (This page is a placeholder until file-linking problems have been resolved.) Additionally, without any prior rendering experience, I now feel comfortable creating believable, realistic images in a short amount of time. With a little practice in the near future, my portfolio quality will dramatically improve, and hopefully induce that "wow" factor.

Model - Evaluation

This model turned out to be many times more challenging than initially assessed through floor plans. That challenge arose through the multiple floor levels, not easily apparent or understood in the low-detail documentation provided. Nonetheless, through clever analysis of Google Earth and photography, I've created a model that convincingly represents the existing construction. Looking back, I ough to have done a more thorough massing analysis of the entire project, as this would have greatly aided the speed in digital construction. (my primary obstacle)

Renderings - Evaluation

I believe the provided renderings are very good, though not 100% reminiscent of their respective photographs for comparison. This is largely due to subtle material inaccuracies, made challenging with the small palette of neutral colors used in the original design. Most materials appeared much brighter in renderings than indicated in the materials editor (note the ground texture in the Exterior - Side view). Additionally, accurate lighting sources were not found, so similar placeholders were used. This had the largest negative effect on the interior renderings, where the ceiling extrusion shows as excessively gray. I will need to explore additional online resources for proper custom elements. The best rendering is clearly the view towards the pool, in which the facade nicely captures the warm colors of the sunset over the ocean. Rendering trees within the program has proved to be problematic, thus I will rely on photoshop for their inclusion in the near future.

Thanks for the great semester! I plan on e-mailing you a link to my finished website during the Spring, as soon as it is up and running!


Exterior - Side

Interior - Living

Exterior - Pool

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