Note: This calendar represents an intended plan, but it is subject to change, either from necessity or by instructor improvisation. Do not use this as a replacement for class attendance.


DATE Daily Assignment
Monday, 6/11 Class introductions, policy statement overview. Please read and sign Policy Statement for Tuesday.
6/12 IN LAB (Ross 137). Chapter Two in Bovee: "Communicatoni in Teams." Assignment of Teams today in class
6/13 Minutes of first group meeting (exercise 2.2) printed, to me.
6/14 "Test Your Knowledge" #'s 1-5, on page 57 of Bovee.
6/15 Group Communications Project introduction/discussion today


DATE Daily Assignment
Monday, 6/18 Group Memo/Status report to me on Comm. Project
6/19 IN LAB (Ross 137). Final InClass Group Meeing for Comm. Project.
6/20 Quiz over Chapter 1 in Bovee.
6/21 TBA..
6/22 Group Project #1 Presentation in Lab.


DATE Daily Assignment
Monday, 6/25

Individual Reflection (1 page or so) to me:

1. Compare and contrast group strategies

2. Reflection on your own group's methods/strategies

Please be reading Chapter 3, Bovee, "Communicating Interculturally"

6/26 In Lab Projects.
6/27 Film: The Corporation, Part I
6/28 The Corporation, Part II.
6/29 Group Travel Memo to me.


Monday,7;/2 Film Reflection Due Today. Also: Begin Chapter 4: "Planning Business Messages."
7/4 Fourth of July, No Class.
7/5 No Class
7/6 Link to Executive Company Profile Assignment


Monday,7;/9 Audience Profile sheet due today. Here
7/11 Draft of CompanyProfile Assignment (printed) due today.
7/12 Peer Review continues
7/13 Company Profile DUE Today


Monday,7/16 This is Training Week. Please read all of Chapter 11 on Visual Communication. For today: Case Study, page 353: Individual Challene at Stone Yamashita.Create sample visuals using your own data.
7/17 IN LAB: Logo Design Day.
7/18 Training Conferences in my Office: No Class
7/19 TBA
7/20 Begin Individual Training Presentations today


Monday,7/23 Training Presentations Continue
7/24 Trainging Sessions Continue.
7/25 Trianing Sessions "" "". Discussion of Motorola Layoff
7/26 Group In-class meetings
7/27 GROUP Presentations of Negative News/Motorola Layoff Message Today


DATE FINAL WEEK of Summer Session:
Monday, 7/30 Here is the Assignment for Final Proposal
7/31 Trainging Sessions Continue.
8/1 Trianing Sessions "" "". Discussion of Motorola Layoff
8/2 Group In-class meetings
8/3 Final Proposal Due.