Methods and Tools for Aerospace Design

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Grading Scheme Course Objectives
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NACA Report.
Corrected NACA Coefficients.
Panel method

Course Contents

Main Topics:

Special Topics:

A Few Excel Files for Sample Calculations:

Public-domain Software on the Web:

Many well tested and sophisticated programs can be found in the public domain for performing most of the basic numerical calculations, e.g., curve fitting, solving algebraic equations, optimization, and solving ordinary differential equations. The best place to begin your search for software is the GAMS website.

Text Processing:

We will use LaTex for all of our technical writing. See the "Quick LaTex Guide" for help.

Instructions for Report Writing


  • We will use MATLAB for some of our computing and graphing. See the "MATLAB Manual" for help.
  • You can also see a brief MATLAB help in powerpoint.

  • For help in graphing by using MATLAB, see the Quick Graphing Guide.

  • For a "live" demo of SIMULINK, go to MATLAB's demo page and click the link Constructing Models, under the heading Product Feature Examples.

Other Useful Links

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