In the news (postings since 2001):

>TALENs runner up to the Higgs Boson for Science magazine's Breakthrough of the Year 2012 (Science 338,1525-1532).

>Bogdanove lab contributions featured in Science news article "The Tale of the TALEs" by E. Pennisi, Dec. 14, 2012 (pdf).

>Solved! "Crystal structure of TAL effector PthXo1 bound to its DNA target" Science, Jan 5, 2012. See also the Iowa State University News Release.

> Gene editing with engineered nuclease is Nature Methods "Method of the Year 2011."

> Voytas/Bogdanove TAL effector kit breaks AddGene record for most distributed reagent. AddGene Newsletter, December 2011.

>"Gene editing goes global" December 2011 Tech News article in Biotechniques (51:371-37).

> "Move over ZFNs" August 4, 2011 article in Nature Biotechnology (29:681–684).

> "Company licenses novel biotech method co-developed at Iowa State University and University of Minnesota" April 8, 2011 press release

> "Iowa State University research to study plant responses to pathogens" April 29, 2010 press release

> "Iowa State University researcher discovers key to vital DNA, protein interaction" November 9, 2009 press release

> "Researchers examine bacterial rice diseases, search for genetic solutions" April 1, 2009 press release

>Understanding the functions of plant disease resistance proteins featured as "New Hot Paper" in plant and animal science by Thomson-ISI®, January 2005

> "ISU Plant Scientist Receives NSF Young Investigator Award" December 5, 2002 press release

>" Grand Opening of the Bessey Hall Bioinformatics Facility" September 3, 2002

> "Plant pathologist and sustainable ag enthusiast" Inside Iowa State, November 30, 2001


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