To the Moody Blues:

Thank-you for all the wonderful music! For over 30 years your music has been a constant companion in my life, through good times and bad. I feel that you have somehow looked into my soul and wrote exactly what I could not express in my own words. Thank-you for that and for the new album, Strange Times. "Moody Magic!" You've done it again, it's wonderful!

--Carol Mullen

Gentlemen, words can never convey my gratitude to you for gently guiding me down this long, long highway -- your music and magic will live forever in my soul.


Thank-you, Moody Blues, for many years of peerless musical enjoyment, not to mention, sharing your keen perceptions that have given comfort and guidance, and thanks for keeping the faith alive.

--Carol Boteler

Your collective work from the 1960's right up to the present has encouraged me to express - yes, even sing and, yes, even live out the joyful spirit of light and love I'd dreamt of from my youth! Thank-you.


Thanks for a lifetime of inspirational and positive music. It's given my mother and I a common ground; we've been to your concerts eight times together, and we plan to keep going as long as you keep playing. Your new album is truly a work of art (the music, the pics and the cover). Don't apologize for playing the new music; your fans love it and your renewed enthusiasm is like a breath of fresh air. Special thanks to Ray Thomas. I have played flute for 19 years (since I was 11), and your playing (in concert) always inspires me to keep going. Thanks,

--Stephanie Barrows

"It was worth the wait...every minute of it...but don't make us wait so long for the next one...;-) Just kidding. Thank- you for the beautiful album.


"Riding of a wave of love on a journey through time, we stand hand in hand on a threshold of a shared yet never-ending dream. Bless your hearts for still searching for that lost chord, gentlemen; fulfilling our wildest dreams with this wonderful album; and taking us all along with you to the other side of life."

--Ever Moody, Maddie in NYC

"It was beautiful ... glorious!" Bless you, Moodys, for this most beautiful sharing of your lives, your spirits, your hearts and your friendship. It is the best music you have ever made. Thank-you from my heart to yours.

--Love, Missy

...just sign me The Veteran Cosmic Rocker

--Love, Donna Lundy

What our futures will reveal None of us know But your gift of music Creates in mine. . . A shimmering Rainbow!

--Thanks, in light, life and love, Bobbi

Thank-you Moody Blues, for having made my life on this planet so much more pleasant! You comfort me, entertain and inspire me, but most of all, you make me feel that we're all connected! That's quite a gift.

--Ellen Heitman

Through the joy and through the tears of the last 30 years, your music has been a bridge across time. I want to thank-you for writing music that has been timeless and for continuing to write and perform. You may be just singers in a rock and roll band but the impact your music has made on so many lives is one to not be easily forgotten.


Freedom....pure freedom. Thanks for reminding me of the mist in the air....the harvest moon that hangs oh so low in the early evening.... the child's laughter that penetrates the heart.... the smile that brightens my day. One must listen... with mind, body and soul. Your music radiates and projects all of this...and penetrates when it is most needed. your inspired artistic abilities bring light to my world. A simple Tuesday Afternoon 'thank-you' to you from Canada.


"Thank-you for helping our spirits spiral up to freedom and for giving us the privilege of watching you grow right along side of us."


"Thank-you(!!) You have saved my life - numerous times(!), - thank-you (!) and PLEASE, MORE Ray Thomas, MORE!!

--CD (charles dulin)

"Ray, Graeme, John, Justin, and Mike (wherever you are), and to Bias, and Paul, and Larry as well....Deepest gratitude for 35 years of Love, Friendship, and 'Music of the Spheres'. One-Step is but a small gathering in your honor, of the world's peoples who feel as you, 'Music is the traveller crossing our world... language barrier broken now we've found the Key..."

--Doug Noyce, aka "Gypsy...of a strange and distant time..." Founder/Creator, "One-Step" Online Forum

We of the One-Step Moody Blues discussion group who gather together in cyberspace in the spirit of friendship and thoughtful discussion, would like to congratulate you, the Moody Blues, and also thank-you, for your new and beautiful musical creation, Strange Times!


Though you say you are not soothsayers and do not have all the answers, every album you create shows that you are great observers of the world spirit. Thank-you for seeing things as they truly are and enlightening our souls with your music.

--Andrea Dorn aka Cheshire Cat

From all of us at One-Step, Thank-you for yet another work of art and life.

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