Graduate Students

Allen D. Knapp

Susan Head

Susan completed an MSc degree in Agronomy. Her thesis topic involved the evaluation of the effects of tillage and planting date on the emergence of soybean seed lots that differed in seed quality. She also evaluated the volatile aldehydes compounds assay as a potential vigor test.

Xiuhong Tian

Tian has finished her MSc degree in Agronomy and has returned to China where she is working at a research institute. Her thesis topic was to investigate the mechanisms of seed dormancy in Eastern Gamagrass (Tripsicum dactyloides). She found that the cupule had a significant influence on germination as well as the pericarp. She also conducted experiments on the effects of the application of GA in buffered solutions on the germination of dormant gamagrass caryopses. We are now investigating the potential of solid matrix priming perhaps in conjunction with GA as a practical method of improving establishment success with this species. This current work is being conducted in a collaborative effort with Dr. Lance Gibson.

Renan Pineda

Renan finished his PhD degree in Agronomy in the summer of 1999. He, along with researchers in the Chemistry Department applied the pulsed electrochemical detection technique to the determination of polyamines from soybean seeds and seedlings via high performance liquid chromatography. He then characterized the changes in polyamine profiles in seeds and seedlings when exposed to high and low temperature stress. He is now conducting research at the University of Minnesota.

Peter Akowuah

Peter Akowuah completed his MSc degree and has returned to his homeland where he works as an agronomist. While at Iowa State University, he studied the role of hard seeds in the storability of soybean seed under tropical conditions. His hope was to find a means by which to preserve soybean seed vigor for farmers from one planting season to the next.