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Welcome to my website. It's a bit cheesy at the moment as I'm finishing up grad school and don't have time or money to make a better one, so it will have to do for now.

When I'm not spending late nights in our group's research lab in the Nuclear Engineering Building (my research has nothing to do with Nuclear Engineering...that's just the old building we have space in), I can often be found building mechanical abominations at the Gonzo Racewerks Speed Farm in the nearby town of Boone. I'm going to be graduating from Iowa State University with a PhD in Mechanical Engineering somewhere around August 2013. If by chance you are interested in hiring me, here are some cool things I have done over the years.

SAE Formula Car Quick Performance Project Firebird TPI Power for Firebird Bu-san, an exercise in Gonzo Engineering The Firebird

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Updated 12/28/2012