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Learning Design Research Group

Learning Design Group is a research group at Iowa State University dedicated to exploring learning design processes and pedagogies necessary to create engaging learning experiences for different contexts and audiences.

The functions of this group are: (1) advance a research agenda for the group as well as its individual members; (2) design and implement research studies; (3) engage in grant writing to secure funding; (4) disseminate research activities through publications and presentations; and (5) provide a support network for researchers engaged in related activities.


The group research agenda addresses four overlapping themes.

Online & Mobile Learning and Teaching Computer-supported collaborative learning Instructional design education Learning experience design

Scholarly Work

Disseminate research activities through publications and presentations.

2011 - Present
2011 - Present


Ana-Paula Correia
Lagomarcino Hall
School of Education
Iowa State University
Ames, Iowa 50011-3193, USA

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