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Contact Us

For more information concerning the ISU Chapter of the AAUP, feel free to contact any of our Executive Committee members:

President Mack Shelley:
Daytime Phones: (515) 294-1075 (Political Science); (515) 294-8346 (Statistics)
Campus Offices: 539 Ross Hall (Political Science); 1413 Snedecor Hall (Statistics)
E-mail: mshelley@iastate.edu

Contact Us

Vice President Heimir Geirsson
Daytime Phone: (515)233-8583
Campus Address: 453 Catt Hall
E-mail: geirsson@iastate.edu

Secretary Cullen Padgett-Walsh
Campus Address: 460 Catt Hall
E-mail: cpadgettwalsh@gmail.com

Treasurer Susan Ravenscroft
Daytime Phone: (515)294-3574
Campus Address: 2330 Gerdin Business Building
E-mail: sueraven@iastate.edu

John Pleasants (At-Large)
Daytime Phone: (515)294-7204
Campus Address: 115 Bessey Hall
E-mail: jpleasan@iastate.edu

Jack Girton (At-Large)
Daytime Phone: (515)294-0342
Campus Address: 3152 Molecular Biology Building
E-mail: bpatch@iastate.edu