The Circle of Trust guides undergraduate African American women toward academic success by encouraging them to maintain long-term goals. It empowers women to discuss issues and concerns regarding their educational experience, as well as pursue solutions. All of this is accomplished in an uplifting atmosphere that establishes and replenishes sisterly connections between African American women.

Coordinator Clarissa J Taylor

     Clarissa Taylor is a junior majoring in Communication Studies.   She has been an active participant in the Circle of Trust for 3 years. 


     The Circle of Trust is a student support group that encourages the academic achievement, professional development, and personal empowerment of, but not limited to African American women.  Through inclusive meetings of students, faculty, and staff, the Circle aims to uplift sisterly connections within the women of Iowa State University.  These meetings promote the sharing and educating of one another in various issues related to achievement, motivation, and scholarship.  


       For more information about these scholarly meetings, and to confirm your attendance, please contact Clarissa Taylor via email at