Open to all students, The A-Society encourages ongoing dialogue based on key issues related to students, including scholarship, learning, service and employment opportunities in the field. Through regular meetings and discussions, students gain a greater knowledge of significant issues in the larger society as well as the academy. The Society brings together students, faculty and off-campus entities in a community of study, scholarship, service and learning. The society has become a place for intellectual exchange between students and faculty at Iowa State University.

Coordinator Aisha Mock

          Aisha Lynne Mock is a senior in the Chemical Engineering department and has also been involved in the A-Society for 3 years. She hopes to graduate from Iowa State University in the fall of 2006.


     The A-Society is an inclusive environment welcoming all people concerned with the motivation and success of students.  The Society will encourage greater involvement in student learning and encourage academic success by creating a Community of Scholars from all parts of the university.


     The A-Society is an inclusive and welcoming community that meets once a month the fall and spring semesters.

     To present at a meeting or if you have any programming ideas, questions or seek more information about these scholarly meetings, or to confirm your attendance, please contact Aisha Mock -


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