Tyckoson, in concluding his outstanding review article on the history and future of the catalog, anticipated this development:
	"The catalog of the future may not be merely
	an index to the world's collected information,
	but may actually provide a summary of that information
	for the user. A catalog that includes full-text works
	[emphasis added] on a variety of subjects as well as
	abstracts and citations to materials may serve as
	something more than an encyclopedia or index. Whereas 
	the scholar of the eighteenth century used two tools
	to find out about his or her world, the scholar of the
	twenty-first century may need only one [emphasis added]."
	(Tyckoson, 1991:25)
Cited Reference
David A. Tyckoson, "The Twenty-First Century Limited: designing catalogs for the next century," Cataloging and classification quarterly 13(3/4):3-27 (1991).
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