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In an recent review article on the pitfalls and promises of the virtual library, Rooks (Rooks, 1993: 22-29), provides a good general critical review of some of the major ramifications which the emergence of the virtual library may have on conventional library services.
In concluding her article, she offers a balanced view on the future of libraries and clearly articulates the overall role that librarians should play in their development:
	"The virtual library is not the ultimate 
	answer to everyone's information needs.
	It is merely another step in a dynamic and 
	evolutionary process. The traditional print 
	library and traditional library services 
	will not disappear. But, as librarians, we must 
	accept and adapt to the introduction of 
	new techniques and systems. We must recognize 
	the enormous potential of the virtual library,
	address the issues involved in its creation, 
	and take a leadership role in integrating these 
	new systems and services into our libraries, 
	for our own good and for our users" (Root, 1993:
Cited Reference
Dana Rooks, "The Virtual library: pitfalls, promises, and potential," Public-access computer systems review 4(5): 22-29 (1993).
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