Record Format

We have attempted to provide the following categories of information about each selected resource, in the order indicated:
		1) Specific Library of Congress Classification 
		2) Resource Title/Name
		3) Full and Correct URL
		4) Record Summary

		   a) Subject Coverage
		   b) Resource Size/Number of Entries
		   c) Record Structure
		   d) Special Features
		   e) Miscellaneous Notes	
		   f) Source Acknowledgement

		5) Search Instructions
		6) Preferred Form of Contributor's Name and 

For each record summary, when and where possible, we have excerpted the summary data from the original resource to provide sufficient information about its subject coverage, and other features, to enable users to judge a resource's potential usefulness.
No attempt has been made to standardize the form of the data provided for each record. Only when necessary are other sources consulted for additional information about the resource. It is hoped that this approach will greatly expedite the description of the resource and its incorporation within CyberStacks(sm).
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