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Forest Industry Network

Forestry Industry Network is the "...Internet Web Site where forest and wood processing industry companies increase sales...make more money...and generate new business locally, nationally, and around the world." This site serves as the homepage for the network and offers a complete directory to all site services and topics.
At the top of the site, users will find links to the following site areas: (1) advertising; (2) trade shows; (3) new additions; (4) magazines; (5) buy and sell; and (6) request information. On the left side of the main page are four target areas. "New Links" offers recent additions within publications, businesses, and industries. Titles here are links to the WWW. "Marketing" offers information for advertising within the site; "announcements" details upcoming trade show information. "Special features" offers inventory control software and inquiries concerning such software. A main portion of the site is devoted to directories' listings. Five directories are noted, each with many subdivisions. Users should consult the site for complete listings. Featured here are the main topics, along with respective numbers of subtopics: (1) equipment (7); (2) wood products (6); (3) services (8); (4) extras (7); and (5) ABC company listing.
Towards the bottom of the main page, the user will find links to publications, each noted with country of origin: (1)Canadian Forest Industries; (2) Canadian Wood Products; (3) Loggers World Publications (USA); (4) National Forests and Timber (Australia); (5) Operations Forestieres (Quebec); (6) Lumberman's Equipment Digest; and (7) Truck Logger Magazine. Links are also provided to: (1) e-mail site creator; (2) contact form; (3) logging equipment; (4) sawmill equipment; (5) publications; (6) trade shows; (7) buy and sell; (8) request information; and (9) e-mail site sponsor.
To search the site, the user should select a directory title or a directory subtopic. A listing of companies then appears, some noted with an active link and business focus. Selecting the link then produces a company information page, offering: (1) name; (2) business address; (3) phone, fax, and e-mail information; (4) contact form link; (5) company history (profile); and (6) specifications of services and products. If a company has no active link in the main listing, a business address is provided for contact information. The site is sponsored by Forest Industry Online; Canada.
To Search:
Select topic from main page; follow links to yield desired information or company profile.