Manufacture and Use of Chemicals


TP 202 Chemicals. Catalogs, Pricelists, Etc.

Aldrich Browsable On-line Catalog: Organic and Inorganic Chemicals for Synthesis

The Aldrich Browsable On-Line Catalog: Organic and Inorganic Chemicals for Synthesis is an electronic index, designed to facilitate a product title search. Chemicals offered by the company are intended forlaboratory use only. For certain items the company will ask the buyer to provide written assurance that the product "will neither be purchased nor resold for an improper use." The catalog's main menu provides access to the search engine, Aldrich Chemical Company homeapge, and to a catalog request form.
Aldrich's speciality product lines include the following: (1) dyes, indicators, and intermediates; (2) inorganics; (3) solvents; (4) flavors and fragrances; (5) polymers; (6) stable isotopes; (7) fluorinated products; (8) rare chemicals; and (9) techware, laboratory equipment and supplies. Within the menu are detailed search instructions for the WAIS search engine. Users need only to enter a product name or catalog number to view the entry.
After submitting a product name or catalog number, the user will see matching listings posted, revealing the product number(s) and their names. Selection of a title then reveals the chemical's entire record: (1) name; (2) catalog number; (3) CAS number; (4) chemical properties, such as molecular formula, formula weight, and melting point; (5) product comment area; (6) units and prices available; (7) label precautions; and (8) ordering information.
The site is maintained by Aldrich Chemical Company; Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
To Search:
Entrer product name or catalog number in search engine field on main menu. Then select title from listings to view complete record.

AOCS Online Buyers Guide

The AOCS Online Buyers Guide is a directory of "...companies and consultants who serve the fats, oils, proteins, surfactants, and detergents industries. Advertisers, exhibitors, consultants and other allied companies are encouraged to submit applications to participate in this service." AOCS is an internation society serving "...professionals, corporations, and students [who have an] interest in the science and technology of fats, oils, and related materials."
Within the main menu, users will find the guide divided into two major categories: corporate and consultant. The first grouping features listings in the areas of: engineering, environmental services, food ingredients, instrumentation, material handling equipment, processing chemicals, processing equipment, publishers, testing and development, as well as vegetable proteins. Major topics of interest among consultant listings are: biotechnology, business development, government regulations, health, instrumentation, labeling, legal liability, maintenance, management, plant equipment, process evaluation, and product and market R&D.
To view the buyers guide listings, users need only to select a category of interest. An alphabetical listing then appears; each record contains the following: (1) company name; (2) business address (street, city, state, zip code, and country); (3) telephone and fax numbers; (4) email address; (5) a contact individual and his/her company title; (6) a product/service description (optional); and (7) a link to the company's WWW site (optional).
The directory is maintained by Scott Narug; American Oil Chemists' Society (AOCS), Champaign, Illinois.
To Search:
Select category of interest from main menu. Browse through entries.

Fisher Chemical Catalog 95/96

The Fisher Chemical Catalog 95/96 is a division of the world-famous Fisher Catalog, a buying guide and source of product specifications and technical information published by Fisher Scientific, "...the world leader in serving science, providing more than 245,000 products and services to research, health care, industrial, educational, and government markets in 145 countries."
Upon accessing the site, the user will find main catalog links; "help" offers details on catalog software which operates the database. "Catalogs" provides access to five different Fisher publications; selecting a title from the table accesses the table of contents for that publication. "Search" produces a query page with search fields; users should scroll to view matching entries. "Order" produces an electronic ordering form with general information. "Homepage" serves as the WWW link to the site for Fisher Scientific. Scrolling below this link area, the user will find four main links to the chemicals catalog; users should note that these links access representative entries within the catalog. The entire text is unavailable for viewing; entries are obtained by using the "search" link.
The four sampling links are: (1) Fisher Chemicals Catalog; (2) Fisher Products: A2LA--IronChlor; (3) Fisher Products: IronNit-- Standards, Organic; and (4) Fisher Products: Stearic -- Zinc. For any of these four links, selection produces a page with the main Fisher Catalog links at the top (help, catalogs, search, order, previous, next, contents, hmpg), and item information below. Specific item data includes: (1) title of chemical; (2) code number; and (3) a table showing available quantities/types with matching packaging information, catalog number, and price. The Fisher "F" symbol serves as a link to chemical information; the catalog number accesses an ordering form with fields. At the bottom of the chemical's entry, users will find an MSDS icon which reveals the Material Safety Data Sheet for the substance; users should scroll to view this text. Likewise, the storage code icon reveals an information sheet on the chemical's storage class. Users will also find data on the CAS registry number, product specifications, and references to other Fisher texts.
The site is sponsored by Fisher Scientific; Hampton, New Hampshire.
To Search:
Select top link to access Fisher Scientific WWW site division. Or select one of chemical catalog links to view sample entry; scroll to view documents.

Sigma Browsable On-line Catalog: Biochemicals, Organic Compounds, Diagnostic Products and Equipment, Books and Supplies

The Sigma Browsable On-line Catalog: Biochemicals, Organic Compounds, Diagnostic Products and Equipment, Books and Supplies is a division of Sigma, a part of the Sigma-Aldrich family which provides "...biochemicals and reagents for life science research" and specializes in "...high purity research chemicals and other specialty products for the laboratory since 1948." The site serves as the search engine for the Sigma catalog and offers information on biochemicals, organic compounds, diagnostic products and equipment, books, and supplies.
Upon accessing the site, the user will find links to the Sigma WWW site. "Main menu" offers the company homepage; "on-line catalog" serves as the link for this site. "Technical library" accesses product information sheets, technical bulletins, and data sheets. "Fields of interest" displays related literature; "what's new" offers recent information on products, literature, and press resleases. "Online ordering" is a customer service, providing ordering information for products; "Sigma service" gives access to customer and technical service divisions. The site's main page offers two search methods: (1) product title search; and (2) full catalog text search. For each method, the user is provided a search entry field and a field for specifying the number of matching entries. Access to search information is provided through the question mark image in this area.
After selecting a search method and filling in required information, the user will find a list of matching search results; each catalog item is noted with its product code number, product name, and product description. Users should scroll to view all matching entries. Selecting a product code number then reveals its complete entry: (1) product number; (2) location within catalog (page number); (3) description of product; (4) recommended usage; (5) storage information; (6) availability information; and (7) ordering information. Within a product page, the catalog page number provides access to the catalog page where the item is located.
At the bottom of the site are links to searching information and all featured Sigma links located at the top of the site. The site is sponsored by Sigma, a division of Sigma-Aldrich; St. Louis, Missouri.
To Search:
Select search method from main page; fill in applicable information. Select product code number from list of matching results to view complete entry.

TP 248.16 Biotechnology. Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

The NCBI Taxonomy Homepage

The NCBI Taxonomy Homepage and its database "...contai[n] the names of all organisms that are represented in the genetic databases with at least one nucleotide or protein sequence." The site is a division of the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), whose mission is to "...develop new information technologies to aid in the understanding of fundamental molecular and genetic processes that control health and disease."
The site's main page offers descriptions of database holdings, as well as of taxonomic resources found within the site. To access the database, a user should select the tree icon; selecting a taxa type is then required: Archaea, Eubacteria, Eukaryote, Viroids, Viruses, Other, and Unclassified. Upon selecting a taxa, a query page appears with fields set for a limited search. Here, users must select the number of search levels and either a nucleotide display or a protein sequence display. Users should scroll to view search results. A second search option occurs on the taxa selection page; users can scroll through listed topics and select a subject to view general information. Finally, searches can also be performed by filling in the keyword query field or by selecting a link for information on commonly used organisms (16 options) within NCBI research projects.
Users can also access taxonomic resources by selecting the book icon from the main page; links are then given to: (1) advisors/curators of the site's database; (2) books and journals; (3) culture collection; (4) GenBank taxonomy guidelines; (5) genetic codes; and (6) number of organisms within GenBank. At the bottom of the site's main page are links to e-mail the site's creator and the NCBI homepage.
The site is sponsored by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI); National Library of Medicine; Bethesda, Maryland.
To Search:
Select link of interest from main page; follow site links to desired information.

TP 248.7 Biotechnology. Directories

BioTech Database: Biosources

The Biotechnology Resources Database " a hybrid biology/chemistry educational resource and research tool on the World Wide Web. Biotech is intended to be a learning tool that will attract students and enrich the public's knowledge of biology issues in the world today...[and] open the doors of biology resources to post-secondary students, researchers, and faculty." The database allows searches for "...any biotechnology related resources on the internet...," and all searches are broad in scope.
Within the site's main page are fields for searching via a resource title or via a keyword. Resulting searches offer a table, showing the number of matches within the database; below the table are the applicable results of WWW resources. Each title is a direct link to the complete entry, offering: the resource title; keyword from the database; a description of the site (contents and scope); and related links accessible from the site.
At the bottom of the site's main page are links to an Excite search field and search engine, as well as access to fourteen divisions of the BioTech WWW site. The database's site is maintained by the Indiana Institute for Molecular and Cellular Biology; Bloomington, Indiana.
To Search:
Insert information into resource title field or keyword field; select resource title (from matching search list) to view complete record.