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SPE Technical Paper Index

The SPE Technical Paper Index is a forms-based index to the publications of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) covering more than 25,000 technical papers on petroleum engineering and related topics submitted to the society from 1951 through 1994.
"All papers listed in the Index are available from the SPE Book Order Dept., P.O. Box 833836, Richardson, TX 75083-3836, fax 01-214-952-9435, Prepayment is required on all orders. Cost: SPE Member: $5.00, List: $7.50. Member number must be given to receive Member Price. Payment can be made bycredit card or check."
The SPE Technical Paper Index is maintained by the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), Richardson, TX.
To Search:
Select the database to search ("spe_publications" is the only database currently available) ; enter one or more keywords ; if desired, change the maximum number of results desired (10, 20, 40, 100, or 200) ; "Submit" query. A 'Search Options' chart with a listing of search labels and symbols is displayed in a tables format at the head of the home page.
Users may search by author, by title, or by year of publication. Range searching by date and combined field searching (author and journal title, for example) is also available. The results are provided as a list of titles, with hot links to citations of the publications.
Contributed by:
Anthony I. Ames

TN 870 Petroleum. Petroleum Engineering. General Works

Advanced Oil and Gas Recovery Technologies - Online Documents

Advanced Oil and Gas Recovery Technologies -- Online Documents is a database of "...both hypertext bibliographic full-text citation[s] of current oil-related and natural gas well as the associated hypertext full-report[s] if available." The database is designed to "...keep fossil energy researchers informed of the latest scientific and technical reports in their area."
Within the site's main page are four major links: (1) current releases (updated monthly); (2) cumulative database; (3) help information; and (4) document ordering information. "Current releases" offers a listing of FET bulletins. Users should scroll to view the listing, which is divided according to subject category. Each report entry is noted with: (1) report number; (2) documentation information (DOE report number, publishing information); (3) title of report; (4) author(s); (5) corporate source of report (with title of body, volume, and page numbers); and (6) an abstract of the report. Below the abstract are links for viewing the report's full text, as well as for moving up and down within the report's entry.
The "Cumulative database" link produces a search page with a link for searchi nginformation. At the top of the query page is a keyword field and a field for specifying the number of matching entries, both fields designed to operate a general search. Users interested in a specified search will find fields for this process on the lower part of the query page. Noted fields are: (1) title; (2) personal author; (3) corporate author; (4) publication date; (5) packed report number; (6) EDB subject category; (7) abstract; and (8) WAIS entry date.
The site is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy; Washington, D.C.
To Search:
Select "current releases" to view recent report listings; select "cumulative database" to perform general or specified search. Site help information and document ordering information also found under main page links.