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NASA Astronaut Biographies

NASA Astronaut Biographies is a public information service of the Astronaut Office of the Flight Crew Operations Directorate, a division of the NASA/Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center. In this site, users will find biographical information and portraits of current and future astronauts, as well as cosmonauts and information on space missions.
The site's main page offers nine major links. The first, "NASA Astronauts" reveals a current list of astronauts, sorted alphabetically. Selecting a name then reveals the complete biography, offering: (1) name; (2) birth date and birthplace information; (3) physical description; (4) education history; (5) marital status; (6) children (names and ages); (7) recreational interests; (8) organizations; (9) research experience; and (10) NASA experience, discussing flights and flight projects. "NASA Astronaut Candidates" offers a current list of candidates, with links to press releases. Each candidate is noted with his/her name, branch of military service (or noted as civilian), and flight designation (pilot, mission specialist, etc.). Names are direct link to full biographies. "Biography Search" produces a keyword/data entry field and links for mission information. All results here are viewed in a table format. "Shuttle Crew Portraits" offers information on the missions STS-69 to STS-81. Selecting a mission then reveals a mission crew page, with links to group information through the group photograph and individual biography access through individual photos.
"Payload Specialists" produces an alphabetical listing of these astronauts; names are direct links to biographies. "Cosmonauts" offers biographies of cosmonauts assigned to US/Russian projects; names are links to information. "Biographies, grouped by mission" reveals listings of recent and upcoming missions; within a mission's listings, each name is a link to its respective biography. Information on Flight Crew Operations Management is found under the eighth link, offering biographical information for two officers. Finally, "Additional Information" provides links to biography information, information on becoming an astronaut, living and working in space, public appearances information, and links for the NASA Human Spaceflight Program Resources area.
The site is sponsored by the Astronaut Office; Flight Crew Operations Directorate; NASA/Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center; Houston, Texas.
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