TL 500 Periodicals, Societies, Yearbooks, Etc.

CASI Technical Report Server

The CASI Technical Report Server "...contains bibliographic citations and abstracts for publicly available aerospace documents, journal articles, and conference proceedings. It is part of the NASA Technical Report Server (NTRS), which primarily provides recent full-text reports produced by the NASA centers. The database is a selected portion of publicly available materials from the NASA Scientific and Technical Information (STI) Database." Presently, the server offers more than 2.2 million records.
At the top of the site's main page are links noted for: (1) Quick start; (2) FAQ; (3) searching tips; (4) new additions; (5) user feedback; (6) document ordering information; and (7) general information on the site. The main page also offers a search engine for the server, accompanied by searching fields. Users can select from the following databases: (1) all files in the series; (2) NASA Technical Reports; (3) Open literature; and (4) NACA. Search fields open for specification include: (1) number of reports displayed; (2) sorting order; (3) keyword area; (4) title; (5) author; (6) abstract; (7) report number; (8) subject term; (9) category; (10) contract number; (11) accession number; (12) journal-meeting title; (13) language; (14) publisher; (15) corporate source; and (16) publication date. Users should consult the site for a listing of complete search options within these given fields.
Results of a submitted search are formed as a list of applicable report titles, formatted in the user's specified request from the main page search. Each title is noted with: (1) subject ; (2) code number; (3) date of publication; (4) publishing agency; (5) score (ranking with matching criteria); and (6) size of the document. Selecting a report title then reveals its complete record: (1) title; (2) document ID number; (3) files series name; (4) report number; (5) sales agency and price; (6) author(s); (7) publication date; (8) corporate source; (9) number of total pages; (10) contract number; (11) NASA subject category; (12) abstract; (13) major subject terms; (14) minor subject terms; and (15) language note (language of text).
At the bottom of the site's main page are links to a user feedback area, document ordering information, the NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS), and the STI homepage. The site is maintained by the NASA Center for Aerospace Information; Linthicum Heights, Maryland.
To Search:
Fill in applicable search fields within main page; then select title of interest from matching results list. Scroll to view complete document.

NTRS: NASA Technical Reports Server

NTRS: The NASA Technical Reports Server is an "...experimental service that allows users to search the many different abstract and technical report servers maintained by various NASA centers and programs. Specifically, it is a unified interface to many separate WAIS servers. NTRS is both a superset of the various servers, and a canonical listing of the servers."
At the top of the site's main page are links for: (1) quick start; (2) more site information; (3) searching tips; (4) new site additions; and (5) user feedback. Below this area is a keyword field and a listing of sixteen participating databases, from which the user can select. These servers are: (1) Ames Research Center; (2) Astrophysics Data System; (3) Dryden Flight Research Center; (4) Goddard Institute for Space Studies; (5) Goddard Space Flight Center; (6) ICASE; (7) Jet Propulsion Laboratory; (8) Kennedy Space Center; (9) Langley Research Center; (10) Lewis Research Center; (11) Marshall Space Flight Center; (12) NACA Reports (abstracts only); (13) NACA Reports (full text); (14) CASITRS (RECONselect); (15) Selected Current Aerospace Notices; and (16) Stennis Space Center.
Users should fill in the keyowrd field and make database selections. Matching results are titles of texts, organized by database of origin. Within a database's reports listing, text entries reflect: (1) bibliography code (bibcode); (2) author(s); (3) score; (4) title; (5) date of publication; available items for viewing, noted in letter abbreviations. Users should consult the "items for viewing" link for aid in interpreting a database's letter abbreviations. The bibcode is a link to viewing the text of the document; the database name provides access directly to its database. Database document information and document format data are found under the available items link; letter abbreviations are direct links to their respective document versions.
The site is sponsored by Michael Nelson; NASA; Houston, Texas and Washington, D.C.
To Search:
Fill in keyword field and select database from main page; scroll to view matching results. Items within a given text entry are direct links to document information, the document's database, and versions of the document.

TL 509 Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Etc. Nomenclature. Symbols. Abbreviations. Directories. Registers

Acronym Gateway

The Acronym Gateway is a searchable database of over 20,000 acronyms related primarily to data processing, telecommunications, remote sensing, and other space-related topics. Users enter one or more acronyms to access a list of the acronym's expanded meaning, e.g., NASA = National Aeronautics and Space Administration.
"The acronym list was compiled over a number of years by Charles Voge of Jet Propulsion Laboratory / California Institute of Technology. It is not an 'official' JPL or NASA acronym list. The author assums no responsibility for the completeness or accuracy of this list. Most of the acronyms were included as they were found in open use and therefore may not be the 'official' definition."
To Search:
Enter an acronym, (or more than one acronym separated by spaces); press return.
Contributed by:
Anthony I. Ames

Landings: Aviation's Busiest Cyber-hub

Landings: Aviation's Busiest Cyber-hub is a "...gateway to the world of on-line aviation." The site operates as a directory for aviation information available through the WWW.
At the top of the site are main links: (1) overview; (2) search; (3) directory; (4) add a link; (5) contact; (6) flight planning; (7) pilot training; (8) hangar talk; (9) weather; (10) news; (11) companies; (12) what's new; (13) market-place; (14) classifieds; and (15) sites. Here, users will find a table of contents for the site ("directory'), general site information ("overview"), links to flight planning resources on the WWW, pilot training information sources, up-to-date weather data, aviation-related news, as well as services for advertisers and employers. Also within the top portion of the site are links to contests, a user check-in area, and an access point for additional site information.
The main page also features news briefs, each with a description and link to view actual texts. Also noted are aviation features and the "visibility" section, designed to help users in the construction of WWW sites, adding site information to the directory, and in placing an ad with the site. At the bottom of the site's main page is a site directory of 43 topics and most of the top links, featured again for convenience.
To view site information, a user should select a topic from the top main page area or from the subject directory; titles of WWW resources are direct links to their respective sites. The site is maintained by Dr. Gunther Eichhorn; the Smithsonian Institution; Washington, D.C.
To Search:
Select topic of interest from site's main page; follow screen links to desired information.

TL 560 Study and Teaching. General Works

Aviation Education Clearinghouse

Aviation Education Warehouse is a directory to documents published by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) Clearinghouse, all of which are offered to the general public for educational and career use. The site is sponsored by the Federal Information Exchange (FIE), "...a diversified information services company providing a full range of database services, software development and technical support to the government, private sector, and academic communities." FIE " the major link in the electronic transfer of information between higher education and the federal government."
At the top of the site is a link which provides instructions for using the FAA Clearinghouse System; below this area are the directory search fields. "Subject" offers five options: (1) FAA curriculum guides; (2) FAA career information; (3) FAA education resources; (4) FAA general (other) publications; and (5) all FAA documents. "Sort Order" offers sorting by title (alphabetically) or by relevance to search terms. Additional search fields are for a keyword submission, for searching the database, or for listing all applicable documents. Users should select a subject and sort order field, along with additional choices.
Regardless of the chosen search fields, results will first offer an alphabetical list of document titles. Selecting a document title then reveals its information page, offering: (1) title; (2) description; (3) intended audience; (4) view HTML format (various portions of document); (5) MS Word format (link); (6) PDF format (link); and (7) instructions for each download (via link). Selecting a view HTML option allows for viewing a portion of the document; users should select the appropriate downloading link to copy a document.
At the bottom of the main page are links to the FIE homepage, the FAA homepage, FEDIX, a help area, and a user comments area. The site is sponsored by the FAA and FIE; Gaithersburg, Maryland.
To Search:
Select search fields from main page; select document title to view information page. Links present for viewing portions of document and for downloading.