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Nuclear Technology

Nuclear Technology is a publication of the American Nuclear Society (ANS), whose "...main objective is to promote the advancement of engineering and science relating to the atomic nucleus, and of allied sciences and arts." The journal is devoted to presenting technical papers and is "...the leading publication reporting on new information in all areas of the practical application of nuclear science. Topics include all aspects of reactor technology: operations, safety materials, instrumentation, fuel, and waste management."
The site's main screen is divided into two frames. On the left, the user will find ANS publication links, as well as general ANS information links. Users can view the current issue of the journal, as well as move forward or back one issue. Likewise, users can view all back issues and access subscription information through site links. Other ANS journals are accessible here; a new additions area is also found. Subtopics are provided for each of the following areas: (1) ANS Constituency (5 options); (2) ANS Resources (4 options); (3) ANS Contacts (3 options); and (4) Go To (5 options).
The site's right frame displays the current issue of the journal. Users will find the issue's table of contents at the top; selecting a title displays its contents within the issue. Scrolling also allows for viewing of publication texts.
The site is sponsored by the American Nuclear Society (ANS); LaGrange Park, Illinois.
To Search:
Scroll through right frame to view issue or select title of article to view text.

TK 9202 Nuclear Reactors. General Works

Fusion Technology

Fusion Technology is a journal of the American Nuclear Society (ANS), which "...promote[s] the advancement of engineering and science relating to the atomic nucleus, and of allied sciences and arts." The journal is the "...leading source of information on theoretical research in and application on nuclear fusion technology and its potential use for energy in the future." Upon accessing the site, the user will find the present issue's contents.
Within the site's main page are two franmes. The left frame offers the holdings of the ANS WWW site: (1) new additions area; (2) Nuclear Science and Engineering; (3) Nuclear Technology; (4) Fusion Technology; (5) Go to (four options); (6) Constituency (five options); (7) Resources (three options); and (8) Contracts (four options). The right frame offers the contents of the latest issue of the magazine. Each article is noted with its title and author(s). Selecting a title allows the user to view the article or the article's entry, which consists of the: title, author(s), and abstract. Users should scroll to view the article entries or article texts.
Via the left frame, the user can view the contents of the past issue, the current issue, can move forward on issue, view all back issues, or get subscription information. The site and the journal are sponsored by the American Nuclear Society (ANS); LaGrange Park, Illinois.
To Search:
Select article or technical report title from right frame to view article or article entry. Via left frame, access is provided to ANS WWW site divisions.

Nuclear Plant Information Books

The Nuclear Plant Information Books is a "...compilation of information on all 109 commercial nuclear power plants in the United States. This database includes information on general plant design, plant system characteristics, single-line system diagrams, and emergency response information."
At the top of the index's main page are links to: (1) a disclaimer by the site's creators; (2) a search engine (via icon); (3) the feedback area; and (4) the book index link. The search engine features a keyword field, where users can specify the number of matching search results. The book index is alphabetized according to state; users should browse through listings, select a reactor site of interest to view its complete records.
A full-color map of the United States also activates the site's search engine. Users should select a state or reactor site of interest to begin the search. Users should refer to the site for complete details on the contents of an individual reactor's records. Listed here are the major topics featured within a given record: (1) image of reactor (in color); (2) image of reactor and its adjoining grounds (black and white image); (3) facility statistics; (4) emergency response information; (5) plant description summary; (6) simplified plant system diagrams; and (7) detailed plant system data. Within the record's table of contents, all titles of topics are direct links to their respective contents.
The site is sponsored by the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission; Washington, D.C.
To Search:
Select "book index" to view reactor listings, according to state. Or access records via United States map within main page.

TK 9204 Nuclear Reactors. Fusion Reactors

CFADC Bibliography

The CFADC Bibliography is a "...categorized bibliography of atomic and molecular collision references relevant to fusion energy research and development." Presently, the bibliography contains entries dating from 1978, numbering 26,000 total citations. in the near future, archives from c. 1950 to 1977 will be added to the site.
Within the site's main page are four major links. The first, "categories of the bibliography," offers major categories and subcategories. Major topics of the bibliography include: (1) heavy particle--heavy particle interactions; (2) interactions of atomic particles with fields; (3) particle penetration in macroscopic matter (electrons, ions, and neutrals); (4) particle interactions with solids; (5) electron-particle interactions; (6) photon collisions with electrons and heavy particles; (7) data compilations; (8) reviews and books; and (9) bibliographies. Selecting a category reveals its subcategory listings. Selecting a subcategory then reveals a search page with fields. Results are a listing of bibliography entries. The "search-author" link produces a query page with fields, conducting its search based on an author's name. "Search-category" conducts a search based on a reaction category; this area also produces a query page with fields. "Journals" accesses a list of journals, published in the last decade, which are cited within the database; all titles are abbreviated.
Bibliography entries within the site feature: (1) record number; (2) experiment or theory; (3) energy range; (4) reactants; (5) search items (from specified query fields); (6) journal title; (7) reference numbers and publication year; (8) author(s); and (9) title of article. At the bottom of the site's main page is a link to the CFADC homepage on the WWW.
The site is sponsored by the CFADC, Controlled Fusion Atomic Data Center; Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Physics Division; Oak Ridge, Tennessee.
To Search:
Select search method from major site links within main page; follow onscreen links to yield desired bibliographic citations.