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TK 7805 Electronics. Directories

Electronics Manufacturers on the Net

A directory devoted exclusively to manufacturers of electronic hardware products available through the Internet, the Electronic Manufacturers on the Net is a WWW site providing users with product and company information, as well as direct access to electronic manufacturing company WWW sites.
The directory's table of contents reveals four categories: a product index, a company index, an area to add user information to the directory, and a sponsor section. Upon accessing the product index, the user will find an alphabetical listing of product types. By selecting one of these items, the user is then given a listing of subcategories and can choose any of these to see the item's contents. At this point, a direct link is established to show a description of the item. Within the company index, users select a letter from the alphabetical list and then are able to view a company listing. Selecting a company name then activates a direct link to that business's WWW homepage.
The two last categories within the table of contents involve advertising services connected with the site. Users can add information on their companies by inserting data within provided fields. A section devoted to sponsors advertises companies who fund the directory.
The directory is maintained by Webscope, a division of Stelcom, Incorporated.
To Search:
Select search category of interest. Follow screen commands to access product or company information.

TK 7871.85 Electronic Apparatus and Materials. Semiconductors. General Works

SEMATECH Official Dictionary

SEMATECH Official Dictionary is a dictionary which "...defines terms that are used in the semiconductor manufacturing industry. It is intended to foster a common language within the SEMATECH community and within the industry." The site is sponsored by SEMATECH (Semiconductor MAnufacturing TECHnology), a company that packages, tests, designs, creates, and interconnects technologies within the semiconductor industry.
At the top of the site are links to various divisions of the SEMATECH WWW site. "General information" discusses company history, job advertisements, training resources, and provides a link to the site library. "Programs" details assembly and packaging, design, CAD, test factory integration, and supplier development. "Technical Reports" provides three links to SEMATECH publications; users need only to select a title of interest to view a list of issues available for viewing. "SEMATECH home" accesses the homepage; "site map" provides an index. "Feedback" is designed for user comments. Below this area of links is an alphabetical index to the dictionary, as well as a keyword search field.
Selecting a letter category from the index produces an alphabetical list of terms, each with a detailed definition. Some entries features links to other dictionary terms, as well as documentation information, such as a report code number. Users should scroll to view terms. Within the site's main page, a link is provided to document information which discusses abstract information, trademarks, reprint permissions, the editorial staff, and lists site acknowledgements.
The site is sponsored by SEMATECH; Austin, Texas.
To Search:
Select letter category from index and scroll to view matching category. Or select keyword search field and scroll to view results.