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Electrical Engineering Programs

Electrical Engineering Programs is a "...list of homepages for Electrical Engineering academic programs throughout the world."
Upon accessing the site, users will note that the screen is divided into an upper and lower frame. The lower frame offers the complete listing of nations which contain records within the site. In addition to geographical locations, users will find a ranking of EE schools in the United States and an "other interesting links" area, which accesses the present site. Users should scroll to view nations listed within the lower frame; upon making a selection, the contents for the nation are displayed within the upper frame.
Entries within a given nation are alphabetized, according to the university name. An individual program's title is the WWW link to its program homepage.
The site is sponsored by the Department of Electrical Engineering; the University of Missouri at Rolla.
To Search:
Select nation of interest from lower frame; view matching entries within top frame.