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TJ 153 Power Resources. Information Services

DOE Reports Bibliographic Database

The DOE Reports Bibliographic Database is sponsored by the Department of Energy (DOE) and contains "...citations for Department of Energy...sponsored scientific and technical reports covering the period of January 1, 1994 to [the] present. Current [d]epartment citations are added weekly as new reports are made available." This site serves as the homepage for the database, allowing the user to access its contents and to order personal copies of the reports.
Within the site's main page are listings for its contents: searching the DOE Reports Bibliographic Database; database search help; components of the record; report ordering and retrieval information; and FAQ's. At the bottom of the main page are links to the Department of Energy's homepage and the homepage of the Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI). The search help link reveals a list of access links for information on various kinds of possible searches. Instructions on how to retrieve and order report texts occurs through the fourth offering in the contents. Frequently asked questions and their answers are found in the last category.
Those users interested in searching the database are advised to read the "components of the record" area within the site. Here, a detailed explanation of a given record's contents is described. All records include: the title of the report; a brief abstract; author's name and affiliation; corporate sponsor's name; publication date; number of monographic pages; DOE contract number; the Superintendent of Documents Classification Number/Order Number (GPO Number); and the source of the text. An additional one to fifteen end codes will be found following the end of the record. Those fields are named and described in this area. When electing to search the database, users can submit keywords for a complete database search, based on texts. A second method, through keyword fields, produces results, based on these fields of entry. The categories open here are: title; author; keywords; EDB subject category text; EDB subject category number; GPO subject category number; date of publication; and Wais entry date.
The database and its site are maintained by the Office of Scientific and Technical Information; the U.S. Department of Energy; Washington, D.C.
To Search:
Select subject or action of interest from main page listing. Follow onscreen links to desired records. If choosing to search the database, read "components of the record" area to aid in records' interpretation. Submit desired information within entry fields to activate database.

TJ 163.2 Power Resources. General Works

Sustainable Energy News

Sustainable Energy News is the newsletter for the International Network for Sustainable Energy (INforSE), "...a network of more than 150 NGO's world-wide...All of these organizations work to promote sustainable energy and social development."
At the top of the site's main page is a link to access the INforSE homepage and to access the Solstice homepage. Within the main page is the list of available issues, dating from 1995-1996. Users should select an issue date; the issue's contents are then displayed. Featured information at the top of the contents discusses publication contact information, the editorial staff and advisory board, as well as subscription information. Below this information are the issue contents. At the bottom of the issue's contents are links to the publication, as well as for e-mailing the editor. In all cases, titles within the table of contents are direct links to their respective texts.
The site is sponsored by the International Network for Sustainable Energy (INforSE); Copenhagen, Denmark.
To Search:
Select issue date from main page; scroll to view publication contents. Titles are direct links to their respective texts.

TJ 163.3 Energy Conservation. General Works

Directory of Energy-Related Graduate Programs in U.S. Universities

The Directory of Energy-Related Graduate Programs in U.S. Universities is a directory published by the Energy Foundation in 1992 " respond to the dearth of readily available information for prospective graduate students interested in the energy field. It is intended to aid students in their pursuit of suitable energy-related academic programs and to be used as an independent reference on institutions offering interdisciplinary energy studies."
Users should scroll to view contents of the site; while moving through the site, the user will encounter: (1) general site information; (2) information about the Energy Foundation; (3) details on Home Energy magazine; (4) purchasing information (prices) for a copy of the directory; and (5) copyright information. Presented then is the table of contents, consisting of: (1) introduction; (2) program descriptions; (3) Index A: Programs by Institution; (4) Index B: Programs by Type; (5) Index C: Programs by State; and (6) other energy study options.
University listings are provided in alphabetical order; a given entry contains: (1) title of university; (2) name of energy program; (3) degrees offered (with descriptionns); (4) program focus; (5) head of program (name and title); (6) size (number) of directly involved faculty; (7) sample courses; (8) special facilities; (9) types of positions held by graduates; (10) student support (financial aid); and (11) contact information (business address, fax, telephone, and e-mail information; URL noted, if applicable).
The site is sponsored by the Energy Foundation; San Francisco, California.
To Search:
Scroll to view site contents.