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Glossary of Terms

Glossary of Terms presents definitions "...excerpted from the 1993 edition of the Water Quality Association Glossary of Terms," written by Joseph Harrison and Wes McGowan. The original glossary contains all of the definitions within this site, as well as nineteen appendices, including, "...conversion tables, water purity standards, and regulatory information."
Within the site's main page is an alphabetical index, in the form of a table. Selecting a letter category then provides an alphabetical listing of that category's terms. Selecting a term reveals its definition page, which features, at the bottom, links to Water Quality Association WWW site divisions -- homepage, search, news, and information server.
Below the table-form index within the main page, the user will find general site information, a disclaimer, a user comments link, and links to the WQA WWW site -- homepage, search, news, information server, and government affairs division.
The site is sponsored by the Water Quality Association; Lisle, Illinois.
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Select letter category from main page table; select term to view definition page.

National Extension Water Quality Database

The national Extension Water Quality Database "...is an information management tool for locating water quality and waste management educational resources created by the 50 State Cooperative Extension Services. This computer-based information is available by computer search using several different network tools. The database includes more than 2,600 citations and nearly 1,000 full-text documents. While the majority of listings are publications, approximately one-fourth of the citations describe 35mm slides, videotapes, and computer application software."
The site's main page features seven links of interest. The first, "search," opens a query form page; here users have a keyword field, an area to specify categories and states, as well as sample queries for reference. A further search options area is found by scrolling past these fields. The "browse" link offers subject categories to start a search: conservation, drinking water quality, nutrient management, other, pest management, testing, waste management, wells, and audiovisual and multimedia offerings. Within this page, a state-based search engine is also accessible. Users need only select a topic of interest and then follow onscreen links to view records, which contain: the report number, state of report's origin, title, author, summary of report (abstract), and the report's last revision date. Data is listed alphabetically by state; within a state's listings, reports are orderd chronologically. The "new additions" link reveals the latest additions, organized by state.
The "other sites" link offers other WWW resources on water and water-related subjects. "Farm*A*Syst" is a program to prevent pollution on farms, ranches, and homes using "confidential environmental assessments," and its homepage is found under its respective link. The document and expert maps both reveal a U.S. map, from which users can select a state of interest to view records on water quality for that respective state or to view a list of water quality experts (and their contact information) for that particular state. Underneath the main page's faucet image are five more links. A help area, FAQ area, and water quality demonstration area are open for viewing. The "CERF" link is a telnet link to the database, and the "WQN" link is a network search tool page, newly formed.
The site is sponsored by the Purdue-CREES-USDA National Water Quality Information Mangement Project; Purdue University; West Lafayette, Indiana.
To Search:
Select link of interest from site's main page. Follow onscreen links to reach desired records.

Water Quality Expert Locator Map

The Water Quality Expert Locator Map is a service of the Purdue-CSREES-USDA Water Quality Information Management Project and is designed to locate water quality experts on a state level via a U.S. map. Upon accessing the site, the user will find instructions on operation, as well as a full-color U.S. map.
Selecting a state from the map then produces a directory of water experts for that area. Experts are listed alphabetically; users should scroll to view records. Each expert is noted with: (1) name and title; (2) business address; (3) phone, fax, and e-mail information; (4) discipline (emphasis); (5) speciality; and (6) description information. Within an expert's listing, the e-mail address is a direct link to the WWW.
The site is sponsored by the Purdue-CSREES-USDA Water Quality Information Management Project; the Agricultural Communication Service, Purdue University; West Lafayette, Indiana.
To Search:
Select state of interest from U.S. map; scroll to view resulting listings.