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Industrial Ecology References

Industrial Ecology References serves as a " bibliography of publications related to industrial ecology." The site is a service of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)'s Program in Technology, Business, and the Environment (TBE), which "...focuses MIT's strengths in research and education to help companies develop profitable and effective environmental programs. TBE was founded to help companies respond to ...challenges...about the environment and increasing global competition." Users can browse the site or select an area of interest from the table of contents to move to that portion of the site.
Subjects open for viewing within the site are: (1) industrial ecology --general; (2) industrial parks and environmental architecture; (3) industrial ecology -- design for the environment; (4) industrial ecology -- structural economics, I/O models, and ecological/enviromental economics; (5) industrial ecology -- ecofeedback for self-regulation; (6) general ecology works; (7) other sources on business and environmental management; (8) sustainable development; (9) learning organizations; and (10) other organizations. Within the above categories, listings are organized alphabetically, by the author's last name.
Records reflect both books and journal articles. Listings show: the author(s) name (last, first, middle initial); title of the text; and the year of publication. For articles, information is also shown for the journal's title, the volume and issue numbers, as well as pages of the text. For books, the publisher's name and location are revealed. Within some records, titles of texts are direct links to view the publication. At the bottom of the site are links to the TBE homepage and its various divisions.
The site is maintained by the MIT Program in Technology, Business, and the Environment (TBE); Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT); Cambridge, Massachusetts.
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