Hydraulic Engineering (General)

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TC187 Dredging. General Works

Dredging and Dredge Disposal Bibliography

The Dredging and Dredge Disposal Bibliography is an unannotated selected bibliography of several dozen recent journal articles, conference papers and technical reports on the topic of dredging and dredge disposal, alphabetized by author.
This bibliography is maintained by the Central Library of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and is part of its digital library collection.
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Anthony I. Ames

TC 409 River, Lake, and Water Supply Engineering (General). General Works. 1800-

UWIN: Universities Water Information Network

UWIN: Universities Water Information Network is a database and "...collection of international water research compiled by the Water Resources Scientific Information Center (WRSIC) of the USGS. The research abstracted in this database covers a wide variety of topics that span...1967 to...1993." The site contains over 265,000 abstracts and citations, as well as provides access to the WRSIC Research Abstracts.
Upon accessing the site, the user will find links to general information and a contents listing for the UWIN via its icon. "Access databse" allows a user to perform a site search. Likewise, information on database topics and operation history are found via links. The main page also features databse access links: (1) table of contents; (2) quick search; (3) comments; (4) submit information; (5) usage statistics; (6) USGS homepage; and (7) SIUC homepage.
If selecting the "access database" link, a user will find a search page with fields: (1) keyword; (2) number of matches; and (3) years of search. After filling in fields, a list of WRSIC abstract titles appears, presented in no particular order; users should scroll to view report titles. Selecting a report title then opens its full abstract entry: (1) title; (2) author(s); (3) corporate author(s); (4) citation (publication information); (5) abstract; and (6) related areas (subject links). A search can also be perfomed by selecting the "quick search" link; users must then select a datbase of choice from six presented options, fill in the keyword field, and specify the number of matches. Results are a list of WRSIC abstract titles. A title provides access to its complete entry, details of which have been mentioned previously.
The site is sponsored by Southern Illinois University; Carbondale, Illinois.
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Select "access database" or "quick search"; fill in search page. Scroll to view matching abstract titles; each title provides direct access to its complete entry.