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CenBASE/Materials on WWW

CenBASE/Materials on WWW is a "...searchable database on over 35,000 plastics, metals, composites, and ceramics from over 300 maufacturer product catalogs worldwide." The site is designed for "...[e]ngineers, scientists, and purchasing professionals" to aid in "...materials selection,...research, vendor selection, and materials engineering education." At the top of the site's main page are links to co-sponsored sites operated by DOW Chemical Corporation, Polymerland, ANSYS, SDRC, and the MacNeal-Schwendler Corporation.
The site's main page offers a CD-ROM version of the site; information concerning this product is accessible via its link. Present subscribers to the site access under the "subscribers area," which requires a password. Information and required fees for subscription are found in the "become a subscriber" link; the "vistor's area" is the only accessible portion of the site for those not interested in subscribing. In this area, sample searches, browses, and manufacturing information are provided. In short, the database is operable only for subscribers; previewing site services occurs in the visitor's area.
When searching the database, the user will find a listing of applicable products, with technical and common names provided. Selecting the product name then reveals an information page with three options-- properties information, application, and chemical resistance. Each option produces its own information page on the substance or article. The "properties information" link offers the following properties: (1) mechanical; (2) physical; (3) processing; (4) thermal; (5) electrical; (6) optical; (and (7) Polymerland Cross Reference information. All properties are described at room temperature. The "applications" link offers a description of materials and specifications for targetted industries. "Chemical resistance" provides descriptions of resistance to various substances, along with a key to interpreting symbols. Within the information pages, the details on the substance will vary according to the type of item selected within the search process.
The site is maintained by CenTOR Corporation; Garden Grove, California.
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Database accessible only to subscribers; follow on screen links to yield desired information.

TA 418.5 Materials of Engineering and Construction. Physical Properties

Materials Properties Locator Database

Material Properties Locator Database is a division of the Science and Engineering Library of the University of Buffalo Library system and was created by Carole Farmer. The database is used to "...find out which SEL [ Science and Engineering Library ] reference books contain properties data (mechanical, physical, electrical,thermal, atc.) for particular types of materials. Abstracts, properties, and materials covered, and SEL call numbers are provided."
Six links of interest are found at the top of the site: (1) online resources (for the SEL library); (2) Library Web Index; (3) services; (4) search; (5) campus libraries; and (6) homepage (for the University of Buffalo Libraries). The present site is the query page for the materials properties database; users will find a link for site description information, searching information (using WINGS), a keyword search field, and sample search results (viewable by selecting the site title from this area). After submitting information to the search field, users will have a detailed results document.
For each SEL reference work listed in the search results, the following is found: (1) title; (2) author(s); (3) publication year; (4) SEL call number; (5) abstract; (6) properties and materials focus information; and (7) identifiers (keywords).
The site is maintained by the University of Buffalo Libraries; the University of Buffalo; Buffalo, New York.
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TA 419.A2 Materials of Engineering and Construction. Special Materials. Wood. General Works

WOODWEB and Woods of the World

WOODWEB and Woods of the World is a joint project of WOODWEB, the " on-line informational resource for the woodworking industry," and TreeTalk, Inc. Together, the two WWW information sources have launched the project that will be "...the most detailed and comprehensive wood species database found on the [WWW]. Each month, TreeTalk presents in-depth information on a new featured species...." Users will find that weekly, the site's main offering changes, and that site contents reflect detailed information on a single, featured wood.
At the top of the site are links to WOODWEB site areas: (1) glossary; (2) archives; and (3) homepage. Scrolling allows for viewing of site contents within this location; at the top, users will find an image of the featured wood. Scrolling below this image, information concerning the wood is found: (1) common names; (2) environmental profile; (3) distribution; and (4) product sources. Likewise, distribution maps are provided, one for each noted area, accessible via links. A description of color information is given, as well an alphabetical list of common uses of the wood.
Further information is given on the following topics: (1) grain; (2) texture; (3) luster; (4) odor; (5) ease of drying; (6) drying defects; (7) movement in service; (8) natural durability; (9) resistance to impregnation; (10) resistance to abrasion; (11) gum content; (12) toxic constituents; and (13) cutting resistance. Details are also given on: (1) blunting effect; (2) planing; (3) turning; (4) moulding; (5) gluing; (6) nailing; (7) screwing; (8) sanding; (9) polishing; (10) staining; (11) steam bending; (12) response to hand tools; (13) strength properties; and (14) comments.
At the bottom of the site, users will find data tables of comparative analysis, a bibliography of references for wood data, as well as the top three WOODWEB site links. The site is sponsored by WOODWEB; Montrose, Pennsylvania, and TreeTalk, Inc.; Burlington, Vermont.
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