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Highway, Transit, and Rail System Information

Highway, Transit, and Rail System Information is a division of the WWW site, Directory of Transportation Resources, a service of the Castle Laboratory of the Department of Civil Engineering and Operations Research within Princeton University.
The site offers an alphabetical listing of transportation resources on the WWW, with titles separated into two columns. Those resources noted on the left are American in origin; those on the right are worldwide resources. In all cases, titles are direct links to the WWW. Users should scroll to view all resource listings within the main page.
The site is sponsored by Castle Laboratory; Department of Civil Engineering and Operations Research; Princeton University; Princeton. New Jersey.
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Internet Sources in Transportation

Internet Sources in Transportation is a resource of the Transportation Library of Northwestern University, which "...has information on transportation (air, rail, highway, water, pipeline), law enforcement and police management, and environmental impact assessment." The library's collection "...emphasizes current socioeconomic aspects, particularly management, operations, finance, planning, regulation, and safety."
At the top of the site, users can e-mail the site's creator. The site's contents consist of mailing lists, listservs, and news groups. Categories noted within the contents are: (1) air transportation/aeronautics; (2) automotive industry; (3) bicycle transportation; (4) boating; (5) civil engineering; (6) concrete; (7) construction industry; (8) electric vehicles; (9) engineering (miscellaneous); (10) environmental issues; (11) geographic information systems; (12) human factors; (13) infrastructure; (14) intelligent vehicle/highway systems/intelligent transportation systems; (15) maritime transportation; (16) motorcyles; (17) railroad transportation; (18) technology issues; (19) transportation (general); (20) travel; (21) trucking; (22) urban planning; and (23) urban transit.
Users can scroll past the table of contents to view site holdings or select a topic from the table of contents to move directly to that area. Within a given category, titles of WWW information sources are alphabetized, each noted with: (1) e-mail address; (2) subject (description of source); (3) subscription information e-mail address; and (4) contribution information e-mail address. At the bottom of the site is a link to other internet sources within the Transportation Library and a link to the Transportation Library homepage.
The site is sponsored by Mary McCreadie; Northwestern University Transportation Library; Northwestern Library; Chicago, Illinois.
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