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TA 6.A1 Engineering. General Works

TechExpo: Directory of Hi-Tech Organizations in the Engineering and Medical/Life Sciences

TechExpo: Directory of Hi-Tech Organizations in the Engineering and Medical/Life Sciences Medical/Life Sciences offers a directory to technical societies, organizations, and associations.
At the top of the site are various links: (1) TechExpo success stories and media coverage; (2) user survey; (3) Hi-Tech Product and Literature Showcase; (4) submit information for qualified organizations; and (5) e-mail the site creator. Scrolling past this information, the user will find an alphabetical index for accessing the directory. Selecting a letter category then produces a category search page. At the top are all links found at the opening of the site; below this area is an alphabetical list of organizations, each noted with title and acronym. Selecting a title then connects the user with that organization's WWW site. Users should scroll to view organization listings; some entries contain phone, fax, and e-mail information.
At the bottom of the site's main page are several links: (1) University of Waterloo (Canada) science organization directory; (2) Astronomy/astrophysics societies; (3) AltaVista search for external links to site; (4) technical conferences schedule; (5) directory of commercial firms; and (6) TechExpo homepage.
The site is sponsored by TechExpo; Manhattan Beach, California.
To Search:
Select letter category from index; scroll to view list of organizations. Title of organization provides access to its WWW homepage.

TA 11 Symbols and Abbreviations

SBF Glossary

SBF Glossary is a compilation of humanities, science and mathematics, engineering and applied science terminology, acronyms, and initialisms compiled by faculty from the University of Buffalo. The site is a division of the SBF homepage, a part of the Wings system of the University of Buffalo.
Within the site's main page is an alphabetical index, as well as specialized links: (1) fi(thorn); (2) Numbers; and (3) Deuteronomy. Users should select a letter category of interest; a portion of the glossary is then displayed. Users should scroll to view terms; some entries provide access to information sources on the WWW.
Users selecting the "Numbers" link will find a compilation of number initialisms, which includes links to other entries. The "Deuteronomy" link is accessible only to registered users. "Fi (thorn)" offers a discussion of the runic alphabet, a subject of concern to the site's content. The site is sponsored by the Wings Information System; the University of Buffalo; Buffalo, New York.
To Search:
Select alphabetical link of interest within main page; scroll to view matching entries.