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Bibliographies on Computer Graphics and Vision

Bibliographies in Computer Graphics and Vision is a division of the Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies, "...a collection of bibliographies of scientific literature in computer science from various sources, covering most aspects of computer science." The collection features 870 bibliographies, which are updated monthly, and the site currently offers 700,000 references for searching, reflecting journal articles, conference papers, and technical reports. The present site focuses upon bibliographies dealing with computer graphics and vision.
At the top of the site is a link to the Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies homepage, as well as a link to add references to the present site. The main page offers both a search area and a listing of database bibliographies. The search page features the following fields: (1) query (keywords); (2) options (case sensitivity, wording, online papers); (3) results form (citation, BibTeX, or count only); (4) number of matches; and (5) results compression. Help links are available for details on syntax, options, compression of results, improving a query, and query examples. Users should fill in applicable fields.
For a citation results search, the results page offers various bibliographies with applicable citations. Within a bibliography category, citations are not presented in alphabetical order; each entry offers: (1) author (first initial, last name); (2) title; (3) journal title; (4) volume and issue numbers; (5) page numbers; (6) publication year; and (7) BibTeX link. Each major bibliography title is a direct link to a search and information page exclusively for itself. The author names within a citation are direct links to view other citations by these same authors. The BibTeX link presents a full citation, offering: (1) title of bibliography; (2) article code number; (3) author(s) names; (4) month; (5) year of publication; (6) article title; (7) journal title; (8) page numbers; and (9) publisher address (location). Users should scroll to view matching entries; for BibTeX search results, users will find a results page offering the aforementioned BibTeX entries, along with a display of search criteria submitted to the database.
Scrolling past the search area within the main page, the user will encounter a list of database bibliographies, of which 38 are listed in non-alphabetical order, reflecting 46,647 referecnes. Each title is noted with the number of citations it contains. Selecting a bibliography name reveals an information and search page solely for this source; search fields are identical to those found within the site's main page. Search results are identical to those of the query page search, yet are restricted solely to the selected database. The site is maintained by Alf-Christian Achilles; the University of Karlsruhe; Germany.
To Search:
Fill in query fields within main page; links within entries reveal further citation information. Or select bibliography title from main listings and then submit data to query fields for searching.