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T223.D7 Patents. Indexes to Patents.

USPTO Patent Databases

The USPTO Patent Databases is the gateway for searching the United States Patent Bibliographic Database and the AIDS Patent Database, a database of the full text and images of AIDS related patents issued by the US, Japanese and European patent offices. Via electronic links, users have direct access to the database's holdings through four easy searching methods.
Four searching methods are possible from the main menu: (1) a Boolean search; (2) an advanced command-line search; (3) a patent number search; and (4) browsing the U.S. Patent Classifications database. Users who select the first search method will find spaces for entering two Boolean terms. Specifying a database, as well as fields and the method of ranking search results yields the desired entry. Selecting the advanced command-line search requires the user to enter keyword(s) . A key for U.S. Patent Field Codes is provided. Database and rank results can also be specified.
If choosing to search by patent number, users must enter that number into the specified area. Choosing to browse the Classifications database begins with a numerical listing of patent classes. Selecting a class yields a direct link to the individual U.S. Classifcation Schedule pages for that title selection. These records reflect: the class definition, the search class specifications, and subclasses, along with their definitions.
The site is maintained by the Center for Networked Information Discovery and Retrieval (CNIDR); the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO); and MCNC Electronics and Information Technologies.
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Select searching method from main menu. Enter required data into screen fields. Submit search to view entry. Or browse through database listings and select patent class of interest.

T223.F4 United States. Classification

U. S. Patent Classifications

U. S. Patent Classifications is an index to the patent class numbers and their respective definitions and scope notes employed by the U. S. Patent Office. Class definitions are detailed and include definitions of associated terms and cross-references to related classes and subclasses. Each class is hotlinked to a list of subclasses, many of which are themselves further linked.
This database is maintained by the Center for Networked Information Discovery and Retrieval (CNIDR) in cooperation with MCNC Information Technologies Division, Research Triangle Park, NC.
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Anthony I. Ames