Technological Change


T 174.3 Technology Transfer

African Technology Forum

The African Technology Forum is "...the premiere source of information on science and technology in Africa....[It] provide[s] practical information to corporations, individuals, and institutions in the US, Africa, and the rest of the world." The forum publishes "...a quarterly [magazine], provide[s] consulting services and networking opportunities for those involved in business and research ventures affecting science and technology in Africa." ATF also "...coordinate[s] the Equipment Exchange Program to supply institutions throughout Africa with much needed journals and equipment." The forum is based at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).
Users will find a main menu, providing access to the site's directory of these categories: more information about ATF; subscribing to ATF; technical services; feature articles; letters to the editor; new topics; ATF back issues; comments area; and related WWW sites. The first category details ATF's history, funding, distributors, and its conferences. Technical services gives links to consulting, a professionals network, and the ATF seminar series. Feature articles are listed alphabetically by the author's last name; titles provide access to view the text. New topics are listed by date of entry; titles access the text. Back issues can be viewed by selecting an onscreen link to view a table of contents for the issue. A listing of related WWW sites is provided, giving added possibilities of subject searching. Lastly, users can subscribe, write the editor, and send comments, all via e-mail.
The site was created by Marlon L. Buchanan, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and is maintained by the African Technology Froum, MIT.
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Select category of interest from main menu. Follow onscreen links or instructions.

Education Programs in Technology Transfer

Education Programs in Technology Transfer is a directory of all universities in the United States and Canada who offer courses in technology transfer. Provided as a service of the National Agricultural Library's Technology Transfer Information Center, the site lists programs whose concentration of study "...address one or more issues and processes of technology transfer." Such subjects include: technology development and commercialization; management needs of a technology-based organization; managing innovation; and marketing. The site's listings are subdivided into four areas: (1) master's degree programs; (2) bachelor's degree programs; (3) certificate and non-degree programs; and (4) proposed programs.
Degree granting programs have all their courses relating to the field of technology transfer or a concentration of courses relating to the field. Certificate and non-degree programs are offered where no degree granting program exists; such programs do not include one-day seminars or training sessions. Proposed courses of study are in the process of being established; users should contact the university in question for more information. Within each of the four program categories, users will find a comprehensive listing of all applicable programs. With the exception of master's degree programs, all listings are alphabetical and feature the name of the institution or university, as well as the title of the degree conferred. Users should browse through a category's contents, then select the program of interest to activate the directory.
Within individual records for a program within the directory, users will find the following items: (1) name of university or institution; (2) title of the degree program and/or title of the conferred degree; (3) a description of the program; (4) subject areas of concentration; (5) selected course titles; (6) admissions requirements; and (7) contact information for the university. The site's creator states that all records have been verified and are constantly updated for accuracy. Users wishing general information on the site can access a brief introduction through the site's main page.
The site is maintained by Mary Stevanus, Technology Transfer Information Center; National Agricultural Library; USDA; Beltsville, Maryland.
To Search:
Select program type from main page of site; then browse listings and choose individual program of interest.

Journal of Technology Transfer Articles

Journal of Technology Transfer Articles is a bibliography within the resources area of the Technology Transfer Infomration Center (TTIC), housed within the National Agricultural Library of the USDA. All citations within the bibliography are found in the AGRICOLA database, and the site is indexed and sorted on the basis of the author(s) name(s). At the bottom of the site's records is a link to the TTIC homepage, where users find that the center "...helps to promote the rapid conversion of federally-funded inventions into commercial products by 'getting the results of research in the hands of those individuals and organizations who can put it into practical use.'"
For each article listed in the site, the following information is shown: (1) author(s) name (last, first initial); (2) title of article; (3) title of publication; (4) date of publication; and (5) volume number, issue number, and page numbers of the text. None of the site's titles are links to texts or external sources. Users must browse through listings to find citations of interest.
The site is maintained by the Technology Transfer Information Center; National Agricultural Library; USDA; Beltsville, Maryland.
To Search:
Browse through listings to view records on publications. Titles are not links to the WWW or further information.

Technology Transfer: a Selected Reference List

Technology Transfer: A Selected Reference List is a bibliography on technology transfer, designed to provide requested information on OTC (Office of Technology Commercialization; U.S. Department of Commerce) resources, to meet demands for government emphasis on technology transfer.
Upon accessing the site, users will find the table of contents, in which every title is a direct link to its contents within the site. Users can also scroll past the contents to view the site's introduction, acknowledgements areas, and notes section. Links are found at the bottom of each page to move to the next section of the list or to return to the table of contents. To view contents, users should select a topic from the table of contents; holdings of the list reflect reports from the National Technical Information Service, articles, and books.
The site's table of contents offers: (1) introduction; (2) acknowledgements; (3) notes on content and structure of the site; (4) laws, hearings, policies, and programs; (5) technology transfer legislation summary; (6) hearings; (7) readings on laws, policies, and programs; (8) background; (9) general topics I; (10) cooperative programs; (11) defense conversion; (12) intellectual property, patents; (13) foreign investment; (14) international; (15) general topics II; (16) developing nations; (17) Europe; (18) Pacific Rim countries; (19) training and manpower; and (20) miscellaneous.
Within a topic's listings, entries for books reflect: author's name (last, first initial); title; publisher (location and name); publication date; and abstract. Entries for articles reveal: author's name (last, first initial); title of article; journal title; volume and issue numbers; date of publication; ISSN number; and abstract. The site is sponsored by Jean A. Larson; Office of Technology Commercialization (OTC) Technology Administration; U.S. Department of Commerce; Washington, D.C.
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Select topic from table of contents to views holdings. Browse through matching listings.

TEKTRAN: Technology Transfer Automated Retrieval System

TEKTRAN: Technology Transfer Automated Retrieval System is composed of "...selected pre-publication notices...of recent research results from the Agricultural Research Service (ARS) of the U.S. Department of Agriculture." The site offers access to notices on food and nutrition, crops and livestock, natural resources, industrial products, and technology. News in biology, chemistry, and other sciences is also provided; the site is updated regularly, removing information which is over three years in age.
Upon accessing the site, the user will find six major links of interest; each link directly accesses its portion of the site. Users may also scroll to view the contents of the site's main page; in all cases, a description is provided of each site area. "What is TEKTRAN" offers information on the site, its scope and contents. "Search TEKTRAN" explains the three search methods -- simple, using the search form, and the glimpse search. The first offers a keyword field and instructions on usage, as well as details on search options. The search form option provides a query page with fields for specifying: query terms, title, author, interpretive summary, keywords, contact name and address, ARS report number, ARS approved date, date added, and date updated on the Web. The glimpse search operates similarly to the second search method.
Regardless of the chosen search method, the matching results will be a list of document titles. Each entry provides the title, size of the file, and type of file (HTML,etc.). Selecting a title then reveals its document page, offering: the title; author(s); interpretive summary; keywords; contact information (business address, fax, phone, and e-mail information); ARS report number, and ARS approved date. A link is provided to view the record without bolded keyterms. The "browse TEKTRAN" link provides 59 subject categories; selecting a category reveals a title listing, of which each title provides access to its complete record. "How to search TEKTRAN" offers general information on WAIS searching. The last two major links provide access to a new additions area and a user feedback area.
The site is sponsored by the Agricultural Research Service; National Agricultural Library; USDA; Beltsville, Maryland.
To Search:
Select one of the three major search options. Fill in provided fields or select category for searching. Select title from results list to view complete record.

T 173.8 Technological Innovations

Marshaling Technology for Development: Proceedings of a Symposium

Marshaling Technology for Development: Proceedings of a Symposium, a publication of the National Academy Press, is available for browsing through this WWW site, a directory for the National Academy Press Bookstore. Here, users can view and purchase the publication, as well as have access to the various services provided by the National Academy Press Bookstore.
"Recent technological advances, particularly in microelectronics and telecommunications, biotechnology, and advanced materials, pose critical challenges and opportunities for developing countries, and for the development banks and other organizations that serve them. Those countries that fail to adapt to the transformations driven by new technologies in industry, agriculture, health, environment, energy, education, and other sectors may find it difficult to avoid falling behind. This book represents a joint effort by the World Bank and the National Research Council to survey the status and effect of technology change in key sectors and to recommend action by the development organizations, government, private sector and the scientific and technological community."
A special feature of this site allows the user to order the publication through an onscreen link, as well as to access the various information links within the National Academy Press Bookstore, the publishers of several government research grpoups.
The site is maintained by the National Academy Press and the National Academy Press Bookstore; Washington, D.C.
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Follow onscreen links to view publication contents and ordering information. Onscreen links provided to the bookstore and its services, as well as to the National Academy Press homepage.