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T 58.5 Information Technology. Information Systems (General). General Works

Bridge Builders: African Experiences With Information and Communication Technology

Bridge Builders: African Experiences With Information and Communication Technology , a publication of the National Academy Press, is available for browsing through this WWW site, a directory for the National Academy Press Bookstore. Here, users can view and purchase the publication, as well as have access to the various services provided by the National Academy Press Bookstore.
"This volume tells 16 remarkable stories -- first person accounts of how information and communication technologies have been successfully introduced into institutions for the benefit of scientists and engineers in sub-Saharan Africa. These case studies focus on the lessons learned in designing and implementing projects dealing with scientific and technological information and examine the impact."
A special feature of this site allows the user to order the publication through an onscreen link, as well as to access the various information links within the National Academy Press Bookstore, the publishers of several government research groups.
The site is maintained by the National Academy Press and the National Academy Press Bookstore; Washington, D.C.
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T 59.A1 Standardization. Periodicals, Societies, Etc.

ANSI Catalog

The ANSI Catalog is "a searchable database of the over 11,000 approved American National Standards, all of which are available for purchase from ANSI."
For each standard, its designation (sponsor acronym, alphanumeric identifier, and year of approval), title, ANSI list price and supplemental publication information are provided.
This database is maintained by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), New York and Washington, D.C.
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Enter keyword(s), phrase(s), truncated word roots or Boolean statements in search box. Specify maximum number of retrieved entries or accept default (40) ; submit. Search will retrieve a ranked listing of relevant standards, with ANSI designation and title only ; select title for full record data.
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Anthony I. Ames