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Thomas Register Supplier Finder

Thomas Register Supplier Finder is "...the world's largest online industrial buying source...[The] proprietary search engine...allows [a user] to search...155,000 companies in [the] database [of American and Canadian companies] classified under more than 55,000 product and service headings. Plus, more than 3,100 online supplier catalogs give...42,000 pages of detailed buying and specifying information." Users should note that searching the database requires a member ID and password; all users must be registered with the system in order to view search results.
At the top of the site's main page is the main search area; below this region are links for site information, becoming a member of the database, marketing and advertising information, as well as a link to other resources. To search the site, a user must be registered; select the "free membership' link and fill out the e-mail form. Information for potential advertisers is found under the "marketing" link; "other resources" details other Thomas publications, professional sites, as well as industry and trade associations.
To search the database, a user must fill in his member ID and password; the screen will then offer four search options: (1) product; (2) brand; (3) company; and (4) service. A user should select a search option and fill in the provided field. For product searches, results are a list of companies producing the requested product; users can limit the list to American or Canadian companies through a link. Selecting a company name reveals a description and contact information. For company searches, users should submit information to the search field; results are a list of companies with names containing the search information. Users can also limit this list according to region; selecting a company name reveals its description and contact information.
For brand searches, a submission to the keyword field produces a list of brand names and their companies of association. Selecting a company name produces a description and contact information. Within company listings, users will find icons for enhanced features, offering links to: (1) company online catalog; (2) literature by fax (product information); (3) company WWW site; and (4) electronic commerce (purchasing via the WWW). Users should consult the site for a complete description of enhanced feature icons. Users should also note that the amount and presence of such icons varies greatly within listings; selecting an icon activates its feature. At the bottom of the site's main page are links to: (1) helpful hi-tech buying tips; (2) ordering the Thomas register; (3) free company listing in the register; (4) employment opportunities; (5) free demos and more; (6) help; and (7) talk to TR (Thomas Register). The site is maintained by the Thomas Publishing Company; New York, New York.
To Search:
Register with site via membership link; select search link and log into system. Select search type and follow screen links to information. In some cases, company listings offer enhanced features.