Aquaculture. Fisheries. Angling (General)


SH20.5 Aquaculture. Directories

AquaNIC Email Contacts for the United States of America

An American directory of individuals in the field of aquaculture, the AquaNIC Email Contacts site is a service of the Aquaculture Network Information Center (AquaNIC). The center, and its divisions, are maintained by the Department of Animal Sciences at Purdue University and provide a gateway to worldwide resources in aquaculture.
Users will find an alphabetical listing of the fifty states, and listings of aquaculture contacts are found by selecting the state of choice. Entries within the records provide: name of individual (first, last); e-mail address; and area of interest. Listings within states are alphabetized for easy evaluation and use. A select group of entries will feature a biographical data sheet, providing a business address, educational information, as well as research and/or teaching specialities.
The e-mail directory is maintained by Mark Einstein, Department of Animal Sciences; Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana.
To Search:
Select state of interest from main menu listings. Matching records will be displayed.

AquaNIC International Aquaculture E-mail Contacts

This site serves as a simplified version of the International Aquaculture E-Mail Contacts site, sponsored by the Aquaculture Network Information Center (AquaNIC), within the Department of Animal Sciences, Purdue University. The network and this site are designed to offer gateways to the world's electronic resources for aquaculture. This site is a country-by-country listing of participating scientists and researchers, alphabetized by their country of residence. Users will find a dual listing for each nation; the site closes with various links to its greater network.
Within the index's listings are pairs of access points for each nation; the first offers the full names of participating aquaculture researchers, as well as the country abbreviation provided in the site, and e-mail addresses for all included scientists within that region. A second link for each nation shows a modified version of this data, updated to reflect details in a table format. Here, names are not necessarily alphabetized, but are featured with areas of interest and e-mail addresses. For each listing within this second format type, a link is given to the AquaNIC homepage on the WWW.
Following the listing of countries and their researchers, the user wil find other links within the index, which are tied to AquaNIC site divisions. The first, "parent directory," connects directly to the AquaNIC site's homepage. The "index" link accesses the new version of this site. Other designations reflect portions of the index and its template.
The site is maintained by the Aquaculture Network Information Center, Department of Animal Sciences; Purdue University; West Lafayette, Indiana.
To Search:
Select country of interest from index listings, via abbreviations. Link then displays name(s) of researchers, e-mail address(es), and areas of interest. Access is provided to updated version of the site and its network homepage.

Aquatic Network Product & Services

The Aquatic Network:Products/Services is an electronic business directory providing its users with information on individuals and organizations in the areas of oceanic research, education, business, and conservation. The international listings represent the following subject areas: aquaculture, aquariums, conservation, fisheries, maritime, oceanography, ocean technology (and ocean engineering), seafood, and aquanauts.
A record's entry contains, the name of the organization or individual, business address, the contact individual at the location (where applicable),as well as the individual's professional title. Telephone, fax, and e-mail account information is also included, followed by the subcategory of business specialization. In certain entries, an additional field comments on the specific services available through the business.
A particular feature of the site is the registering form, provided online for companies and organizations who would like to list their business, at no charge, within the directory. Instructions are given for this service, as well as other promotional and advertising opportunities.
The directory is maintained by Seacoast Information Services, located in Charlestown, Rhode Island.
To Search:
General category searching available through site's initial menu. Specific searching also possible through subcategories featured on this page.

SH 334.7 Fisheries Technology. General Works

Fisheries Technologies for Developing Countries

Fisheries Technologies for Developing Countries, a publication of the National Academy Press, is available for browsing through this WWW site, a directory for the National Academy Press Bookstore. Here, users can view and purchase the publication, as well as have access to the various services provided by the National Academy Press Bookstore.
"This book explores technological considerations of small-scale, primitive fishing technologies, and describes innovative, relatively inexpensive methods and tools that have already been successfully applied in developing countries." The book "...offers practical information about all aspects of small-scale fishing, including boat design and construction, fishing methods and gear, artificial reef construction and fish aggregating devices, techniques for coastal mariculture, and simple methods for processing and preserving fish once they are caught." Photos of the devices and construction methods are featured throughout the work.
A special feature of this site allows the user to order the publication through an onscreen link, as well as to access the various information links within the National Academy Press Bookstore, the publishers of several government research groups.
The site is maintained by the National Academy Press and the National Academy Press Bookstore; Washington, D.C.
To Search:
Follow onscreen links to view publication contents and ordering information. Onscreen links provided to the bookstore and its services, as well as to the National Academy Press homepage.