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Tropical Feeds Database

The Tropical Feeds Database is widely recognized "...as a valuable [source] for scientists and development workers operating with feeding systems in developing countries where the emphasis is on local resources, sustainable systems and integrated farming." The purpose of the database is to categorize "...feeds by livestock species and [to refer] to their use within feeding systems." Here, abstracts and summaries allow the user to have access from a basic feed description to published articles in the field.
"The abstracts/summaries give comparisons, details of feeding systems and animal production details under the specific experimental conditions. In some cases, there are a number of references under each category, allowing the reader to compare results and to browse actual data on the feed material in which they are interested." Database information is provided on: (1) details of feed compositions, digestibility, and degradability; (2) details of feeding systems, including feeding mixtures, amounts, animal intake, and performance; (3) details of feed preferences by animals; (4) details of sown mixtures or natural vegetation mixtures with indications of performance; (5) details of appropriate and effective supplements; (6) specific reference to the livestock involved; and (7) details on authors and institutions within published material.
Users can search the database through several means: by feed class; by Latin botanical name (of the crop); and by common name of the crop. Upon accessing an entry, the user will find: (1) the feed class category; (2) Latin name of the crop (plant); (3) common name(s) of the crop; (4) a detailed description of the crop; (5) a table on chemical composition of the feed; (6) information on digestibility and degradability; and (7) electronic links to data references.
The site is maintained by FAO Feed Resources Group; Rome, Italy.
To Search:
Select searching means from database main menu. Follow screen instructions for viewing information. Sample entry can be accessed from main menu.