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Online Book of Parrots

The Online Book of Parrots is a "...virtual 'encyclopedia' [which] contains information about one of the most interesting groups of birds -- the parrots and parrotlike birds...The focus [of the site] give basic information about genera and species." The site is presently under construction, and as a result, some subject areas are incomplete. Users should refer to the site for all subject holdings.
The site's main page offers a photo of the book's cover, as well as a link to view site awards and a brief abstract of the site's contents. Selecting the book cover then opens its table of contents. Within this cover page, links are available to: (1) contact compilers of the site; (2) e-mail site creator; (3) search; (4) contents; (5) list of families; (6) index of genera; (7) index of names; and (8) pictures. Within the site's table of contents, the following are topics within the "main section": (1) introduction to parrots; (2) taxonomic tree and reference; (3) dictionary of names; and (4) related WWW servers. The "appendices" section offers: (1) bibliography; (2) scientific name index; (3) common name index; (4) pictures; and (5) copyright notice. Other topic links provided are: (1) credits and awards; (2) how to use the site; (3) 1997 preface; and (4) search book. In all cases, title are direct links to their contents; users should consult the site for complete subtopic listings within the table of contents.
To search the site, the user should select the "search" link and then enter information into the keyword field, which operates with an Excite search engine. To view one of the indexes, selecting its link opens an alphabetical index page, where users can select an area to move directly to its contents. Within a letter category, selecting a name reveals its complete record: (1) species/genus; (2) common name; (3) picture link; (4) full taxonomy; (5) distribution; (6) description; (7) habitat; (8) nutrition (food of choice); and (9) breeding habits.
The site is maintained by H.J. Pfeffer; the Technical University of Clausthal; Germany.
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Select link of interest from cover page or table of contents. Follow onscreen links to reach desired information.