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FINS:Fish Information Service

FINS: Fish Information Service is an archive and directory to WWW information sources about aquariums, covering freshwater, marine, tropical, and temperate types. Within the site's main page are links to the searching function and to various WWW sites of interest.
The site's search engine is activated through its area on the main page. Users then submit a keyword (or keywords) to initialize a search of the site's entire contents. Specification of the number of matches and of keyword portions will narrow search results. Further down the main page is the table of contents, listing subject areas covered in the site: (1) information for aquarists; (2) pictures, movies, and other images; (3) directories; (4) other information sources; (5) miscellaneous; and (6) related topics. In all situations, the titles of the items are direct links to their areas within the site or to their respective WWW sites outside FINS.
Aquarists have links to information in the form: a glossary, FAQ sites, catalogs of marine and freshwater fish, disease information, free software, and various articles. Reef aquarium images and underwater pictures, a marine fish catalog, and movies are found within the second category. Directories for public aquariums, national and international societies, local fish clubs, conferences, and mail order vendors are located under their topic. Other information resources include the WWW Virtual Library, CICHLID and its research homepage, the Fish Room (an interactive chat room); likewise, the International Marinelife Alliance (IMA) can be accessed through the table of contents. Lastly, the related topics division offers WWW links to scientific trivia, wildlife protection laws, AquaNet, the Electronic Zoo, and Fish Cam.
The directory and its site are maintained by Mark Rosenstein of Active Window Productions; Boston, Massachusetts.
To Search:
Select search engine from site's main page; activation occurs through keyword(s) submission. Or browse through main page contents and select title of interest; all titles are direct WWW links within directory or to other specified locations.