Conservation & Protection w/Forest Reserves


SD 411 Conservation and Protection. General Works

Forest Information

Forestry Information is a database provided by the World Conservation Monitoring Center (WCMC) and its Forest Program Division. The database seeks to reflect " on forests, their diversity and conservation status worldwide...." Records are compiled from a variety of national and international sources; listings are provided only for those countries offered in the main menu selection.
Upon selecting a country from the title listing, the user will then have two information search options: (1) to view forest statistics; or (2) to view a map of the country's forests. Users who select the first option will find statistics on both forest cover and protected areas for their chosen country. Specifications concerning forest cover are subdivided within the records to reflect: forest and other wooded land, closed forest, natural forest, and the annual change of forest land. At the closing of the statistics is an area devoted to references for the sources of the data.
A selection of the map viewing option displays a full-color map of the country, noting forest coverage and protected areas. Included within the map is a mileage guide and a key to color codes used within the map.
The database is maintained by the World Conservation Center; Cambridge, United Kingdom.
To Search:
Select country of choice from main menu. Then select statistics display or map display.

SD 414.T76 Conservation and Protection. By Region or Country. Other Regions or Countries. Tropics

Tropical Forest Conservation and Development: A Bibliography

Tropical Forest Conservation and Development: A Bibliography "...pulls together, from various disciplines, literature relating to the conservation and sustained development of tropical forests. All of the publications cited are in the collection of the University of Minnesota Libraries and are available (photocopy or loan) from [the] Interlibrary Loan Division...." Upon accessing the bibliography's site, the user will find a Gopher menu offering three topics: (1) general information on the site; (2) browsing the site; and (3) searching the site.
The first topic offers a general introduction, information on the site's creator, and contact information for copies of cited publications. The browse link produces the complete listing of all search topics: forest resources; deforestation; conservation and sustainable development; indigenous peoples; management, policy, and planning; trade and industrial development; nontimber forest products; research, education, and training; history; and bibliographies and general works. The search area offers a Gopher index search engine with a keyword field.
To search the site, the user can activate the keyword field found under the "search" link or choose a topic from the "browse" link. In the case of the latter search method, users will find a list of titles displayed, presented in alphabetical order. Selecting a title then reveals its bibliographic entry. For books, the following is shown: author's name (last, first initial); year of publication; title of book; publisher (name and location); number of pages; description of contents; code number for site; and topic group of site. For articles, the following is found in an entry: author's name (last, first initial); year of publication; title of article; title of journal; volume, issue, and page numbers; description of contents; code number for site; and topic group of site.
The site is maintained by Jean Albrecht; Forestry Library; College of Natural Resources; University of Minnesota; St. Paul, Minnesota.
To Search:
Select "search link" and enter word into provided field. Or select "browse method" and choose topic of interest. Then select title of article to view bibliographic entry.