SD 387.C66 Special Aspects of Forestry. Consultants

E-Mail Addresses Directory

The E-Mail Addresses Directory is a service of CIDA, the Canadian International Development Agency and the Canadian Forestry Advisors Network (CFAN). Both of these organizations are dedicated to promoting work in international forestry issues and to providing an informal network of professionals who are concerned about the future of the earth's forests.
Directory users have access to worldwide listings, grouped in three ways: by country, by name, or by organization. Regardless of the group selected, listings are alphabetical by category type (e.g. alphabetical by country within country search categories). Fields are provided for users to enter personal information to be added to the directory. A link is provided to the CFAN hompeage, for further information about its divisions.
The site is maintained by the Canadian Forestry Advisors Network (CFAN) and the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA).
To Search:
Select searching method from main menu. Within searching category, results can be more specified through an internal alphabetical index.

SD 387.S55 Special Aspects of Forestry. Social Aspects

Social Sciences in Forestry: A Current Selected Bibliography and Index

Social Sciences in Foresty: A Current Selected Bibliography and Index is "...a gopher server for the Social Sciences in Forestry annotated bibliography distributed by the Forestry Library, College of Natural resources, the University of Minnesota, St.Paul, MN." The hierarchy of the database reveals the following succession: whole database; subject areas (43 within site); publication issues; citations. The site's creators have placed 48 issues online, dating from March, 1985 to December, 1996. Over 30,880 citations are available for searching.
At the top of this gopher menu are four links of interest: (1) about SSiF (Social Sciences in Forestry); (2) about SSiF subject areas; (3) brwose SSiF; and (4) search SSiF. The first link provides access to general information on the site and its scope. The second offers a listing of the site's main subject areas -- forestry at large, forestry management, forest goods and services, and forest industries. Within each of these major areas, subtopics exist for further specification.
The browsing link displays a gopher menu of all the site's topics. Selecting a topic then reveals its contents, a list of issues, noted with a number and the last two digits of the publication year. Selecting a date then reveals a listing of that issue's table of contents. Each title within the contents opens to display its respective citation. Each citation, in turn, features: (1) author's name (last, initials); (2) year of publication; (3) title of work; (4) journal title; (5) volume and issue numbers; and (6) page numbers. The last site link, search SSiF, operates via a keyword field. Resulting matches and records are identical to that noted above in the browsing link area.
The site is maintained by Jean Albrecht of the Forestry Library; College of Natural Resources; University of Minnesota; St. Paul, Minnesota.
To Search:
Select area of interest from main page of site. Follow onscreen commands to yield desired citations.

SD 387.S87 Special Aspects of Forestry. Sustainable Forestry

Sustainable Forests Directory

The Sustainable Forests Directory is a project of The Forest Partnership, an educational organization, whose mission is to help "...bridge the gap between the economic needs of the forest products industry and the ecological concerns of the environmental community." Upon accessing the site, the user will find twelve links of interest; upon selecting any one of these links, the area's contents will be displayed within the right frame, found in the main page, along with the entire group of site links.
The twelve links offered in the site are: (1) articles; (2) categories; (3) certification; (4) environmental; (5) products industry; (6) foundations; (7) government; (8) homepage; (9) magazines; (10) meetings; (11) research; and (12) WWW directories. "Articles" offers summaries of meetings and articles; titles here are direct links to their respective texts. "Categories" offers the site's complete index of topics; a link is also provided for adding organizations to the directory. "Certification" provides certification organizations; "environmental" offers environmental groups, listed alphabetically. "Products industry" details forest products and major furniture companies, trade organizations, and the pulp and paper sector. "Foundations" offers environmentally-focused groups and non-profit organizations.
"Government" offers global forestry organizations, government forestry agencies, and other government agencies. "Magazines" details journals, databases, magazines, and books on forestry; "meetings" offers information on significant meetings. "Research" offers links to certification and labelling, forest and wood research roganizations, "model" forest products, and sustainable development research. "WWW directories" provides access to other forestry directories on the WWW. In all cases, users should select a topic of interest from the links and then select an organization type from the provided sublist of topic offerings. Organizations will be listed alphabetically; each name is the direct WWW link to view the organization's respective site and its contents.
The site is sponsored by The Forest Partnership and Tree Talk, Incorporated; Burlington, Vermont.
To Search:
Select topic from provided site links; then select organization type from listing. Select organization name from matching list; title of organization is direct link to its site on the WWW.