SB 950.92 Pesticides. Collected Works (Nonserial)

National Agricultural Pest Information System (NAPIS)

The National Agricultural Pest Information System (NAPIS) is the "...national database of the Cooperative Agriculture Pest Survey (CAPS) program....[It] is a computer system...[which] provides [the user] with country level distribution information on a wide range of insect, fungus, virus, weed, nematode, and biocontrol organisms. NAPIS includes data sets which are formally specified and which generate specialized reports....[It] also contains a 'wealth' of textual and graphic information organized by organism or state (geographical) arrangement. Organism fact sheets, federal regulations and rulings, data input forms, and distribution maps are a few of the offerings."
At the top of the site, the user will find links to the database's sponsors, including the CAPS program and CERIS, the Center for Environmental and Regulatory Information Systems. Below this heading of links are a series of icons, each of which corresponds to a link within the site. The first, "what's new," features recent additions to the database, listed chronologically. Titles here are direct links to their respective records. The "National Karnal Bunt Survey" link gives survey results and reports about this wheat disease. "Pest/biocontrol information" yields links to the following topics: biocontrol programs, cooperative pest management programs, federal noxious weeds, other weed links, exotic pest detection, and fruit fly programs. In all cases, these links specify their focal pest in the listings. "Names and addresses" documents such details for the NAPIS support staff and CAPS members, organized by region. The "State comments and information" link produces new additions to the site, organized by state.
The user guide to the NAPIS database is found under the sixth icon; here, users have a table of contents, detailing: general information on the site, how to access the database, functions and reports of NAPIS, hardware requirements, and data messages. The "CAPS Program Guidebook" also features a table of contents, revealing: an introduction, survey, PPQ program species, pest identification references, and other topics. The APHIS Environmental Manual is found in the eighth area; users can also access NEPA information, environmental statutes, and templates of EA's and FONSI's through links. Lastly, a state-based lists of nursery sites is given under the ninth division. Links at the bottom of the site's main page offer access to : the NAPIS telnet link, the Colorado State University entomology department, the Iowa State University entomolgy department, and a GPO document search. NAPIS is sponsored by the Center for Environmental and Regulatory Information Systems (CERIS); the Department of Entomology; Purdue University; West Lafayette, Indiana.
To Search:
Select topic of interest from site's main page. All titles are direct links to their respective records within the database or to the WWW.

National Pest Management Materials Database

The National Pest Management Materials Database is an "...interactive database...listing pest management materials which have been developed and are available from IPM programs across the country....[It is] an up-to-date reference source when trying to identify materials that are available on a particular subject, commodity, past problem or of a particular delivery format." To view the site, users need only to scroll through the contents on the screen. In each area, there are links provided for information and in one division, for searching.
Information about the database is provided in site link; likewise, there are links given for updates and changes to information and the North Carolina State IPM information project. Access to the Purdue Pest Management Program is found at the bottom of the site's main page. To search the database, users must select one of the two options:(1) simple searching; and (2) searching with fill-in forms. The first link displays a query page, activated by a keyword search field. The second displays fields for specifying search terms, ranking of the search terms, and the number of matching records.
The site is maintained by the Department of Entomology; Purdue University; West Lafayette, Indiana.
To Search:
Select one of the two search options from the site's main page. Then follow onscreen links to view desired records.

PESTIS: Pesticide Information Service

PESTIS: Pesticide Information Service " a collaborative project between non-governmental organizations working on pesticide reform, sustainable agriculture, food security, social injustice, and related issues. Participating organizations contribute selected news articles, reports, fact sheets, position papers, and action alerts." Every entry contained within the site includes citation and contact information. The database can be searched with a query word or by using Boolean operators with query words.
The site's main page features a Gopher index, accessible through a keyword entry field. Inserting a term then produces the matching results, a listing of documents, according to title. Provided in no particular order, these titles directly access their respective texts; each title is shown with its corresponding number of pages. Selecting a title then displays its contents; contact information, for PESTIS, is available at the end of each document.
The site is maintained by the Pesticide Action Network North American Regional Center; San Francisco, California.
To Search:
Insert term into provided search field; resulting records will display titles and document lengths. Select title to view document's complete contents.