Plant Pathology


SB 731 Plant Pathology. General Works

Control of Plant Diseases and Pests: Horticultural Crops

A part of the National Agricultural Library's electronic bibliography series, Control of Plant Diseases and Pests: Horticultural Crops , is "...intended primarily to promote awareness of recent investigations and discussions of a topic. Coverage is not in-depth and exhaustive."
The bibliography is derived from computerized, online searches of the AGRICOLA data base. Both magazines and books are represented among the entries and are organized alphabetically by title. Upon browsing through the site's bibliography, the user will find the following data described: NAL call number; title of work; author of work;location and name of publisher; pages of article (or total pages, if book);year of publication (or issue date, if journal). All entries include a brief description concerning content.
A feature of the bibliography is an author and a subject listing, providing the user with the numbers of entries particularly linked to a subject or individual, thereby shortening the browsing process.
The site is maintained by Jane Gates, Alternative Farming Sytems Information Center; the National Agricultural Library, United States Department of Agriculture; Beltsville, Maryland.
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